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Accelerated Transportation Safety Program

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Funding Breakdown

Financial projections indicate that using current sales tax funding would be feasible to fund an additional $100 million in transportation needs over 5 years. LYNX will use $45 million or 45% for enhanced operational frequency and bus shelters. The LYNX enhanced operational costs will be cash funded using sales tax.

LYNX has the opportunity to leverage local funds with state, federal and other sources to help fund some of the investments on the capital side.


LYNX has proposed a plan to enhance operational frequency, including an increase in frequency on major corridors throughout each district.

Bus Shelters

LYNX also plans to increase bus shelters within Orange County, proposing 44 new sheltered bus stops in each district. Features of these new shelters include:

  • Station marker
  • Basic seating
  • Overhead shelter
  • Trash receptacle
  • Solar lighting
  • Maps and passenger information
  • Fare media equipment
  • Advertising panels
  • Bicycle parking
  • ADA accessibility