Consumer Protection

We're working to keep consumers safe from fraud

Our Office Can Help

If you believe you are a victim of fraud or unfair business practices, you may file a complaint with our office. We will be happy to help if at least part of the transaction took place in Orange County.

In addition to complaints about businesses, our office also investigates complaints of trespass towing and the use of vehicle immobilization devices. Trespass towing is the removal of vehicles without the consent of the owner when the vehicle is parked on private property such as store parking lots or apartment complexes. Immobilization is the use of a “boot” to render the vehicle inoperable.

You may use the below links to print a complaint form or to submit your complaint online. If you choose to submit your complaint using the online form, our staff may contact you to request copies of supporting documentation.

PDF links: Online Forms:

Before Filing Your Complaints

Be sure that you have made an attempt to speak with the business manager or owner. Many businesses are eager to resolve complaints and keep customers happy.

What to Expect From Us

After your complaint is received by our office, it will be assigned to staff for review. Our office may then:

  • Request the business to respond to your complaint
  • Refer your complaint to the appropriate state or federal agency
  • Make a site visit to the business location to ensure compliance

What we Don't Do

While we are often able to assist consumers in resolving their disputes, our office does not:

  • Provide any legal advice
  • Represent consumers in legal actions
  • Force or order a business to provide a specific resolution

If your complaint about a business is a civil dispute, you may wish to consult with an attorney regarding your legal remedies. If you have questions about hiring an attorney, you may call the Florida Bar at (850) 561-5600.

Invite Us to your Next Meeting/Event

The Consumer Protection Office can provide speakers for your meetings and events. Topics we can provide information on include unfair business practices, fraud, professional licensing, and identity theft.

Please call (407) 836-4238 to request a speaker.

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All e-mail sent to this address becomes part of Orange County public record. Comments received by our e-mail subsystem can be read by anyone who requests that privilege. In compliance with "Government in the Sunshine" laws, Orange County Government must make available, at request, any and all information not deemed a threat to the security of law enforcement agencies and personnel.