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Accelerated Transportation Safety Program

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Funding Breakdown

Financial projections indicate that using current sales tax funding would be feasible to fund an additional $100 million in transportation needs over 5 years. The County will use $55 million or 55% for roadway lighting, sidewalks and safety projects. These capital infrastructure projects will be cash funded unless economic conditions change and warrant financing to meet cash flow requirements during the 5 years.

Lighting: $15M

The original Sales Tax Initiative included lighting as a critical safety improvement component. Orange County developed the proposed lighting program which would provide $15 million to install 131 miles of new lighting on arterial and collector or functionally classified roads only. This would address approximately 79% of the functionally classified roads under the original Sales Tax Initiative Program and provide the most impact to the safety of road users.

These projects were selected on safety based ranked criteria. The difference in the funding allocation between commission districts was driven mainly by the varying degrees of urbanization in each district.

Funds by Commission District – Lighting
Orange County
Commission District
Total Funding per District
District 1 $3,741,800
District 2 $4,514,200
District 3 $884,600
District 4 $1,949,500
District 5 $3,032,000
District 6 $890,200
Total $15,012,300

Proposed lighting projects. (Projects selected by
safety-based ranked criteria)

Sidewalk: $25M

New sidewalks are primarily determined by the level of development activity and degree of urbanization within each district. The sidewalks identified as part of the Accelerated Transportation Safety Program would address 26 miles of sidewalks. This would address approximately 15% of the 173 miles of unmet sidewalk needs identified in the current sidewalk program.

The cost distribution for these projects between commission districts reflects the varying degrees of urbanization, the proportion of sidewalks that required design and consequently more funding versus those that did not require design, and the extent of connectivity to existing pedestrian infrastructure. Orange County also focused on projects that received higher prioritization scores from the Student Pedestrian Safety Committee.

Funds by Commission District – Sidewalks
Orange County
Commission District
Total Funding per District
District 1 $1,622,995
District 2 $5,609,773
District 3 $2,722,850
District 4 $4,050,390
District 5 $7,530,898
District 6 $3,611,320
Total $25,148,226

Proposed sidewalk projects. (Projects based on priority scores assigned by the Student Pedestrian Safety Committee and sidewalk connectivity)

Safety Improvement: $15M

Additional safety improvements under the Accelerated Transportation Safety Program are classified into four groups – speed, pedestrian, access and traffic. A short-term implementation plan has been developed in anticipation of this funding. These projects account for corridor intersection and areawide studies that have been identified by excessive speeding by drivers and the high frequency of crashes in these areas.

Speed Management Projects

  • Speed feedback signs
  • Speed limit symbols striping
  • Buffer bike lanes
  • Roundabouts
  • Narrowing of travel lanes

Pedestrian Safety Projects

  • Sidewalk/curb ramp reconstruction
  • Intersection lighting improvements
  • Pedestrian signal with raised crosswalk
  • Rectangular rapid-flashing beacons

Access Management Projects

  • Full/directional median openings
  • Intersection/signal spacing
  • Driveway spacing
  • Median separators
  • Turning/auxiliary lanes

Traffic Calming Measures Projects

  • Speed cushions
  • Mini roundabouts
  • Raised pedestrian crosswalks
  • Curb extensions

Accelerated Transportation Safety Program (ATSP) Dashboard

The ATSP Dashboard is an interactive map developed by the GIS team at Orange County Public Works. The mapping tool provides an overview of $55 million in traffic safety projects including lighting, sidewalks, and roadway improvements. It allows citizens to view the projects in their district with visual data and textual summaries. Click the link below to open the ATSP Dashboard in your browser:

Accelerated Transportation Safety Program (ATSP) Dashboard

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