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Accelerated Transportation
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On June 6, 2023, Orange County and LYNX staff presented an “Accelerated Transportation Safety Program” to the Board of County Commissioners to address transportation projects utilizing existing revenue sources. Although the proposed Orange County Sales Tax Referendum did not pass in 2022, the need for critical pedestrian, bicycle and motorist safety improvements, as well as transit enhancements, still exists.

A dedicated funding source for our regional transportation system remains a priority. Orange County continues to make other investments in transportation and the core LYNX services it funds. In the interim, the county must seek opportunities to address needs with available resources. The projects selected for the Accelerated Transportation Safety Program are from the original Transportation Report and encompass the County’s Vision Zero Strategy. Each commission district in Orange County also helped to identify projects to meet their unique needs.

Program Funding

Financial projections indicate that using the sales tax at its current rate would fund an additional $100 million in transportation needs over 5 years.

$55 million for County Projects: Roadway lighting, sidewalks, and safety improvements
$45 million for Transit Projects: Enhanced LYNX operational frequency and bus shelters

Program Funding - 55 percent for County Projects, and 45 percent for Transit Projects

Accelerated Transportation Safety Program (ATSP) Dashboard

The ATSP Dashboard is an interactive map developed by the GIS team at Orange County Public Works. The mapping tool provides an overview of $55 million in traffic safety projects including lighting, sidewalks, and roadway improvements. It allows citizens to view the projects in their district with visual data and textual summaries. Click the link below to open the ATSP Dashboard in your browser:

Accelerated Transportation Safety Program (ATSP) Dashboard

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For questions regarding the ATSP Dashboard, please contact our Public Works GIS team:

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