Residential Impact Fees


Pursuant to the Orange County School Impact Fee Ordinance #2020-35, All Building Permit(s) for project(s) issued on or after April 2, 2021 will be assessed School Impact Fees based on the new rates and land uses.

Pursuant to the Orange County Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance #2020-31, All Building Permit(s) for project(s) issued on or after November 8, 2020, will be assessed Transportation Impact Fees based on the new rates and land uses.

Impact Fee Rate Schedules are available at the Division of Building Safety Information Desk and online at the Impact Fee website.

For additional information, please contact the Development Services Section at 407-836-5617.


Impact Fees provide one way to help ensure that existing residents will not bear the cost of capital improvements and services necessitated by new development. Residential development is assessed Transportation, Fire, Law Enforcement, Parks & Recreation and School impact fees.

Residential development includes:

  • Single Family Residence (includes Manufactured Home)
  • Mobile Home
  • Townhome
  • Multi Family
    • Apartment
    • Condo
    • Retirement housing


Construction documents for single family and mobile homes are initially submitted to the Zoning Division. Upon approval by Zoning, the building permit is routed to other departments for review, including the Division of Building Safety.

Construction documents for multifamily projects are initially submitted to Plans Coordination for routing to other departments for review.

After approval by Building Safety, Impact Fees are assessed at the rate in effect on the date of the issuance of the building permit in accordance with the Orange County Impact Fee Ordinance.

  • Impact fees are paid when the permit is issued.
  • Exemptions for the replacement of previous structures on the property must be indicated by referencing the Demolition permit number on the Building Permit Application.
  • Pre-paid impact fee credits will be applied to the building permit after submittal of an original executed assignment request to the Concurrency Management Office.
  • A Deferred Impact Fee Application must be submitted to the Impact Fee office prior to issuance of the building permit.
    • Single Family Residences and Duplexes may defer all impact fees until issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
    • Mobile Homes may defer Law Enforcement impact fees only. These fees must be paid prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. All other impact fees must be paid at issuance of the permit.
    • Multifamily projects with a permit valuation of at least $1,000,000.00 may defer Law and Fire impact fees until prior to authorization of pre-power and may defer Transportation impact fees until issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

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