Concurrency Management

Information on concurrency requirements
for roads, schools, parks, and utilities

What is concurrency?

Concurrency requires that public facilities and services needed to support development be available "concurrent" with the impacts of that development. Facilities and services subject to concurrency requirements in Orange County are:

  • Roads and mass transit
  • Schools
  • Utilities, including water, wastewater, and stormwater
  • Solid waste
  • Parks

For information on available Executive Order Extensions, please contact the Concurrency Management Office at 407-836-8181 or

Is anyone exempt from concurrency?

If a project has no impact on public facilities, it may not have to undergo concurrency review. Please contact the Concurrency Management Office to request an impact determination.

Projects located in the Alternative Mobility Area (AMA) are exempt from transportation concurrency, although you still may be required to fill out an application for other forms of concurrency.

Some types of permits (such as fence permits) are exempt from concurrency. These permit types are listed in Section 30-503 of the Code. Additionally, developments that meet certain criteria may be vested from concurrency requirements. Eligibility for vesting is outlined in Sections 30-372 through 375 of the Code, and links to the vesting application forms are shown at left.

For questions about concurrency exemptions or vesting, please contact the Concurrency Management Office.

How do I apply for concurrency?

The concurrency process involves determining whether adequate capacity exists for the facilities listed above, and then reserving capacity for your project. You may apply for:

  • A capacity information letter (a nonbinding determination of available capacity).
  • A capacity encumbrance letter (a letter informing you that capacity is available for a set period of time to be reserved for your project).
  • A capacity reservation certificate (to reserve the capacity needed for your project).
  • A de minimis review, if your project is under a certain size, as outlined in Section 30-503 of the Code.

The Concurrency Management Office can assist you in determining the appropriate application process for your project.

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