Use Permit

Allows A Business To Occupy A Specific Building


  1. When applying for a Use permit, you must first apply at the Orange County Business Tax Receipt Office, 200 S. Orange Avenue, (16th Floor), Orlando, FL 32801.
  2. The Orange County Business Tax Receipt Office will require approval from the Orange County Zoning Department, 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, (1st Floor), Orlando, FL.
  3. Once approved by the Orange County Business Tax Receipt Office and Zoning Department then you can proceed to the Division of Building Safety.
  4. Complete and submit an application for a Use Permit.
  5. The following information is required for permit issuance.
  6. Additional Information.
    • What was the previous space used for?
    • What is the intended use of space?
    • Will the space need repairs or alterations?
    • What is the total square footage of the space?
    • What is the property owner’s name, address and phone number?
    • What is the name of business?
    • What is the project address?
    • What is the tenant/occupant name and contact information?
  7. Application is reviewed for compliance.
    • Impact Fees may be due when the use of a space or building changes.
  8. For approved applications, an invoice is issued which must be paid by the applicant to the cashier.
  9. The use permit is issued to the applicant.


Fee Schedule.

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