International Drive Pedestrian Overpass

Intersection Analysis and Overpass Conceptual Design Study


The International Drive Pedestrian Overpass Intersection Analysis and Overpass Conceptual Design Study (Study) is being undertaken to create an iconic feature that enhances pedestrian and bicycle safety at the busy intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Road. The study will propose appropriate end treatments/approaches transversely across the intersection.

Conceptual design alternatives that serve as a functional pedestrian/bicycle crossing and an aesthetic gateway to the International Drive District will be considered. The Study will evaluate and recommend measures to preserve existing street-level crosswalks, drainage, lighting, signage, signalization, and major utility relocation improvements that will address the existing and future demands of all modes of transportation.

This aesthetic gateway design will contemplate other special treatments to draw motorists’ awareness to the architectural significance of the I-4 and Sand Lake Road Interchange improvements. The Study will recommend features that establish a relationship with the iconic features planned for the interchange.


New Pedestrian Overpass serving the four corners of the International Drive and Sand Lake Road intersection.


Study was approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on May 2, 2023, and is in the design phase.

Public Involvement

The County will hold two community meetings, a local planning agency (LPA) hearing, and a BCC hearing for the study. Additionally, the County will conduct up to five Project Advisory Group meetings. Informational meetings for small groups will be held if requested. The meetings and hearings will be conducted via the World Wide Web or, as appropriate, in person, in-line with County policy and the informational, health and safety needs of the community.

The first community meeting is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2022. At this meeting, the County will present and receive comments on a range of improvement options that could be applied to the intersection. The second community meeting is tentatively scheduled for Winter 2022. The purpose of the second meeting is to present the study recommendation of the preferred alternative to the public for review and comment prior to the presentation to the local planning agency and Board of County Commissioners.

The local planning agency and the BCC hearings are anticipated to be conducted shortly after the second community meeting. At these hearings, the County staff will present the study’s final recommendations for consideration and approval by the County. Each community meeting and hearing will be advertised at least two (2) weeks before each date through the study newsletter (mailings and emails), newspaper advertisements (Orlando Sentinel and El Sentinel), study website and County press releases.

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