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Permitting and Construction Forms

Permitting and Construction Forms Organized by Type

Orange County Government
Permitting and Construction Forms By Type

Commercial Construction

Commercial Permitting Required Forms

Commercial Permitting Miscellaneous Forms

Residential Construction

Sub-Trade Permitting

Special Projects

Special Projects Forms

The Special Projects team is a dedicated team comprised of reviewers, inspectors and permit analysts who review and process your forms, and reviews in addition to perform field inspections for qualifying special projects.

If your project is identified as a Special Project, including applicable sub-permits, please submit any of the below forms as needed directly to This will allow our dedicated team to process your paperwork, and perform any reviews needed. In addition, our team of Inspectors will understand the urgency of your projects for needed inspections. If a form related to a special project is not emailed to this could result in a delay of service.

To identify if your permit is marked as a special project, please use the Fast Track building permit search. If your permit has been identified as a special project you will see ***SPECIAL PROJECTS*** in the description field.


Fire Permits

Impact Fees

Miscellaneous Forms

Frequently Needed Resources

Agricultural Land Acknowledgement
Required by Florida Statute

Notice of Commencement
Required by Florida Statute prior to the first inspection

Product Approval Specification Sheet
Worksheet used to identify approved products to be installed

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney for use by licensed contractor

EZ Monitoring Report
Environmental Protection Division Annual/Semi-Annual Report Form

Fee Schedule
Current Annual Fee Directory

All Permit Types
Instructions and requirements for all permit types

Contact Information

Permitting Services & Division of Building Safety
Orange County Administration Building, 1st Floor
201 Rosalind Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 836-5550

Zoning Division
Orange County Administration Building, 1st Floor
201 Rosalind Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 836-3111

Orange County Office of the Fire Marshal (For Fire Permits Only)
7079 University Blvd.
Winter Park, FL. 32792
Phone: (407) 836-0004