Residential Swimming Pool Permit

In-ground, above-ground and spa


  1. Submit two (2) sets of documentation, as applicable, to Zoning to begin the residential swimming pool process.
  2. Zoning shall indicate approval on the Building Permit Application, site plan and construction plans.
  3. Application and construction documents are reviewed for compliance with the Florida Building Code by the Division of Building Safety.
  4. An approved set of the construction documents are stamped by Residential Plans Review to be available in the field for all County inspections.
  5. Permit fees are paid to the Cashier.
  6. The Building permit number is issued. Inspection Record card, stamped construction documents and payment receipt are returned to applicant.
  7. Sub-permits may be obtained, which are then linked to the Building Permit for record purposes.

Required Tools

  1. The Building Permit Application form shall be approved by Zoning.
    • The owners estimated value must be written on the front of the application.
    • Page 2 of the Building Permit Application must be filled out completely when the estimated value exceeds $2,500.
    • Notice of Commencement (NOC) form, if value of job is over the amount of $2,500.
  2. Two (2) site plans approved by Zoning.
  3. Two (2) sets of construction documents prepared by an Architect or Engineer, registered in the State of Florida,
  4. The following supporting documents shall be attached to the plans:
    • A completed Residential Swimming Pool Safety Affirmation.
    • Simplified total dynamic head (TDH) calculation worksheet.
    • A Specification Sheet from the pump manufacturer stating pump size, GPM, make and model.
    • All drain cover information, i.e., manufacturer, make/model#, flow rate and life expectancy.
      • Exception: Pools with no main drains are exempt. All Commercial Pools with gravity main drains are exempt
    • NOTE: Residential Swimming pools shall be in compliance with sections R.4101 of the Florida Building Code Residential Current Edition.
    • A licensed contractor will be required for this project.


Fee Schedule.

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