Residential Modification

Permit requirements: alterations/renovations/repairs

Process At A Glance

  1. Submit two (2) sets of documentation, as applicable, to Zoning to begin the residential permit process.
  2. Zoning shall indicate approval on the Building Permit application, site plan and construction plans.
  3. Application and construction documents are reviewed for compliance with the Florida Building Code by the Division of Building Safety.
  4. Some residential building permits will require additional review by other Departments or Divisions, depending upon specific, individual conditions or circumstances. Many items are addressed below in the required documentation. Please see the Residential Permitting Process brochure for additional Departmental requirements and Guide to Residential Plan Approval.
  5. An approved set of the construction documents are stamped by Residential Plans Review to be available in the field for all County inspections.
  6. Permit fees are paid to the Cashier.
  7. The Building permit number is issued. Inspection Record card, stamped construction documents and payment receipt are returned to the applicant.
  8. Additional sub-permits may be required, which are then linked to the Building Permit for record purposes.

Prepare Permit Application

Make sure your Building Permit Application form is complete, and please remember to:

  • Write the estimated value of the project work on the front of the application.
  • Fill out page two of the permit application if estimation of the value of project work exceeds $2500.

Prepare Construction Documents

Prepare Supporting Documents

  • Two sets of signed and sealed truss engineering drawings.
  • 2 sets of completed Energy Efficiency calculations as required by the Building Code Energy Conservation and Manual J Load calculations.
  • Two mechanical duct layouts, air conditioner and condensing units locations.
  • Two copies of product approval installation details and specifications for all windows and all doors with Orange County Product Approval Cover Sheet per Reference rule 9B-72.
  • Two copies of Ranger Drainage District approval.
    • An original flood plain permit required if lot is in a flood zone.
    • An approved septic permit from the Orange County Health Department and approval from Orange County Development Engineering Division is required and must be presented when applying for a building permit.
    • The Environmental Protection Division approval is required for all structures at or over bodies of water or wetlands.

Get A Licensed Contractor

Notice Of

For any project with an estimate value of work exceeding $2,500 a certified copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement must be submitted to the Division of Building Safety prior to the first inspection.

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