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Vacating County Road Right Of Way Or Easements

  1. Petitions requesting the vacation of County Rights of Way or Easements are submitted to the Orange County Development Engineering Division for research and review.
  2. A petition shall contain all information requested therein, and shall be limited to a single right of way or easement, except that contiguous or adjoining rights of way or easements may be included in a single petition.
  3. Each petition shall be accompanied by a fee of $946.00 payable to: the Orange County BCC. The fee must be paid by the property owner who is petitioning, and not by a representative. The fee is considered appropriate to cover costs of administrative review and research, notices and publications, recording of documents and other administrative expenses incurred in processing petitions to vacate County Rights of Way or Easements.
  4. After approval by the Public Works Director, the Clerk of the Board will determine the date of the Public Hearing, not the staff at the Public Works Department.
  5. Notice of Public Hearing is published in a local newspaper by the Clerk of the Board one time at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Public Hearing date.
  6. When you receive written notice of the Public Hearing from the Clerk’s Office, please fill in and return the form to their office, as instructed. You will receive a copy of the minutes of the Public Hearing meeting ONLY if the form is returned to their office.
  7. If you do not return the form, you must call the Clerk’s Office at (407) 836-7300 after the Public Hearing to get any information regarding the hearing. I have no information regarding the hearing and cannot provide you with any documentation.
  8. Applicant will be notified of date and time of Public Hearing by the Public Works Department and shall be directed to obtain the poster of Notice of Petition to Vacate at the Development Engineering Division. The applicant shall place the poster in a conspicuous and easily visible location on the subject property at least ten (10) days prior to the public hearing. We suggest that you take a photo of it on the property, in case it is stolen or destroyed.
  9. If the Board of County Commissioners approves the petition, the Clerk of the Board shall publish notice one time, no later than thirty (30) days after the approval of the petition. If you need interim proof of the approval, you must call the Clerk of the Board at (407) 836-7300, ask for the clerk who took the minutes of that meeting, give her your PTV number, and explain to her what you need.
  10. After the recording of required documents, the Clerk of the Board shall furnish the applicant with a copy of the recorded resolution vacating the County Right of Way or Easement.

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