Residential Fence Permit


The Zoning Division is required to review residential fence permits by Orange County. All residential fence permit applications are reviewed for compliance with the County’s land development regulations. Fence Permits are reviewed for proper placement, height and other specific standards.


Residential fence permits may be obtained in-person or by electronic submittal. However, a property owner listed as confidential must apply in-person. The fence permit is issued to the either the property owner or contractor. A residential fence permit expires within 180 days of approval. For structural walls or concrete columns; complete and submit an Application for Building/ Land Use Permit, to be reviewed by the Division of Building Safety.

In-person Fence
Permit Submittal Guidelines:

  • Submit a completed, legible, and signed application for a residential fence permit [if the fence is chain link, vinyl, stockade (wood), or picket only]; include the linear feet, type, and height of the fence.
  • Submit two copies of a site plan or a survey, which must be submitted on a dimensioned plan scaled to fit letter, legal, or ledger paper.
  • Indicate on the survey or site plan the proposed location of the fence.

Electronic Fence
Permit Submittal Guidelines:

  • Electronic Fence Permits shall be submitted online through Orange County Fast Track.
  • Only a PDF file shall be submitted. The file name shall be 'A100-Siteplan-Fence'. Orange County Fast Track is case sensitive, copy the file name exactly as depicted above. If the file is not named as depicted above, the system will reject the permit.
  • Submissions must include a completed, legible dimensioned site plan or a dimensioned survey with the proposed location of the fence notated (to scale).
  • Only the homeowner or contractor may complete the application.
  • Applications that are denied will be sent a denial email.
  • The submitted application may be amended/corrected in order to meet the code requirements.
  • Payment is due online after fence application is approved.


Contact Us

Zoning Division - (407) 836-3111

Note(s): When utilizing email for questions, please type ‘Fence’ or ‘Pavers’ in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed within 5 business days from receipt. To check on the status of your application, you may visit Orange County Fast Track Zoning Review Zoning Review.