Operating a Business in Orange County
Business Tax Receipt (BTR) and
Building Permit Instructions


The Orange County Zoning Division must approve all proposed new businesses located within Unincorporated Orange County.

The Orange County Zoning Division will not accept Business Tax Receipt (BTR) Applications in-person. All Business Tax Receipt Applications must be submitted electronically through Orange County Fast Track.

To Apply for a Business Tax Receipt, please follow these steps:

Submissions for Home-Based Businesses must include a PDF of each of the following:

  • A completed Business Tax Receipt (BTR) Zoning Approval Form;
  • A floor plan or sketch of the areas of the home being utilized with this submittal;
  • If any portions of the property outside of the home (i.e. sheds, accessory structures, or portions of the yard) are being utilized for the home-based business. A site plan or aerial of the property, showing where on the property business operations occur must also be submitted.

Guidelines for Home-Based Businesses

If proposing a home-based business please review the following guidelines:

  • Home based business shall comply with FS §559.955.
  • A business is considered a home-based business if it operates, in whole or in part, from a residentially zoned property.
  • The activities of a home-based business must be secondary to the property’s primary use as a dwelling unit.
  • The employees who work at the residence must also reside at the residence, except:
    • a. A maximum of two (2) independent contractors who do not live at the home, may work at the home.
    • b. The business may have additional remote employees that do not work at the residential dwelling.
  • The view of the residential property from the street must be consistent with the uses of the residential areas surrounding the property.
  • The parking of commercial and dual rear wheeled vehicles shall be prohibited at the location of the home based business.
  • Any ancillary trailers or equipment used in conjunction with the home based business must not be visible from the street, or any abutting properties, and must be parked on an improved surface in compliance with County standards.

Guidelines for Commerical Businesses

The following steps apply to Commercial Businesses only, NOT a Home-Based Business:

  • Associated Required Building Permit
    • a. New Structure: Must apply for a building permit and receive the Certificate of Occupancy before the Business Tax Receipt (BTR) will be issued.
    • b. Existing structure with no changes: A Use Permit will be created for you, and linked to your BTR application. You must login to Fast Track and complete information under “My Permits” for the Use Permit.
    • c. Existing structure with changes: Apply for a Commercial Alteration (Interior and/or Exterior) permit on Fast Track.
  • Complete Inspections and Pay Fees
    • Use Fast Track to schedule your inspections and pay for any additional fees. Use Fast Track to view your inspector’s progress on the way to your site and review the results of your inspections.
  • Receive Certificate of Occupancy
    • After your final inspection has been completed with no division holds on your permit and no outstanding fees owed you will receive your “C. of O.”. For a copy of the “C. of O.” please send a request to buildingrecords@ocfl.net
  • After you have received approval from the Zoning Division, paid all your fees, and receive a “C. of O.” from the Division of Building Safety, if applicable, you will then need to contact the Business Tax Department for further instruction. The Business Tax Office may be reached at 407-434-0312 option 2 for the business & property tax department.

Once you have received approval from the Orange County Zoning Division, and if applicable, Orange County Building Safety Division, you will need to obtain your Business Tax Receipt (BTR) from the Orange County Tax Collectors Office