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Orange County Environmental Protection Division (EPD) Air Quality Management (AQM) staff issue permits to regulate emissions generated by facilities in Orange County. These facilities include (but are not limited to) bakeries, painting operations, defense plants, and plastic manufacturing companies. We are an FDEP delegated local program and follow their guidance.

AQM staff meets with facility management prior to the submittal of permit applications. These meetings educate facility staff about the permit process and EPD expectations in order to help alleviate unnecessary informational requests after the submittal of the application. Additional permitting information and applications are available in the environmental permitting section at Permits and Licenses.

Facilities classified as a minor source of air pollution may be eligible for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Air General Permit (AGP) Permit Registration Program, which is administered by FDEP’s Division of Air Resources Management (DARM). This program offers an alternative to individual air operating permits and simplifies the process.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates certain types of facilities and processes, without EPD involvement. Examples include the release of Greenhouse Gases and Freon, and the EPA’s Collision Repair Campaign (for additional information visit Environmental Protection Agency Collision Repair).


  1. Determine if the facility/air emissions source is exempt from the requirement to have an air operating permit by checking the list of exemptions in 62-4.040, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) and 62-210.300(3), F.A.C. Orange County EPD air permitting staff can also assist in determining if a particular exemption may apply (see contact information below).
  2. Determine if the facility/air emissions source meets the requirements to operate under an Air General Permit (AGP) in accordance with FDEP rules. The list of facilities/emission sources that may qualify for an AGP are listed on the FDEP Air General Permits Webpage. Facility owners and operators may request permission to operate under an AGP by submitting the appropriate Air Permit General Registration Form and fee to the FDEP or by registering at FDEP’s Air General Permit Electronic Registry System (AGPERS). Questions regarding General Permits can be sent to DARM via e-mail or you may contact FDEP’s Small Business Environmental Assistance Program at (800) 722-7457.
  3. If the facility/air emissions source does not qualify for an exemption or an AGP, or is operating under a construction permit and construction is finished, the applicant shall complete and submit an application for an air operating permit. Applications forms are available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats or may be submitted electronically as described in item iii. below.
    1. For Title V air emission sources, complete FDEP Form 62-210.900(1) – Application for Air Permit – Long Form.
    2. For Non-Title V sources, complete FDEP Form 62-210.900(3) – Application for Air Permit - Non-Title V Source.
    3. The DEP encourages air permit applications to be submitted electronically using DARM's permit application software, Electronic Permit Submittal and Processing System (EPSAP). The electronic application is designed to save work for the applicant while helping the FDEP maintain an accurate database of permitted facilities. The FDEP EPSAP system automatically notifies EPD staff of all applications for projects in Orange County. After submitting an application via EPSAP, an applicant must mail or hand-deliver the application fee as described in the Fees section below.
    4. Hard copies of permit applications may be mailed or hand delivered to EPD’s office at the address given below. Though the instruction forms have not been updated to reflect this change, it is no longer necessary to submit four copies of permit applications. One copy of each application is sufficient.
    5. Questions concerning the air operating permit application process can be directed to the contact information given at the bottom of this page.
  4. EPD permitting engineers review applications for compliance with DEP regulations, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency laws
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  5. For Non-Title V permit applications, permit processing fees are due when the permit application is submitted. Checks made out to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners may be mailed to or dropped off at the EPD address given below. Applicants may pay permit application fees by credit card in person during EPD business hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Orange County holidays. However, EPD does not accept online payment or credit card payments over the phone.
  6. Some air operating permits require publication of a Notice of Intent to Issue Air Permit in a local newspaper of general circulation and allow for a public comment period before EPD issues the final operating permit. This is the case for Federally Enforceable State Operating Permits (FESOP) and Title V operating permits. Minor source and synthetic Non-Title V air operation permits do not require publication of any kind. Additionally, Title V air operating permits are reviewed by US EPA before issuance.
  7. The air operating permit is issued to the property owner or applicant.
  8. The expiration date for the air operating permit is indicated on the permit, along with the required date for submission of a permit renewal application. All air operating permits must be renewed at least every 5 years. Title V permit renewals are submitted using the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Form 62-210.900(1) – Application for Air Permit – Long Form, which is the same form used for initial Title V permit applications. Non-Title V emission sources use DEP Form 62-210.900(4) – Application for Non-Title V Air Permit Renewal for permit renewal applications. Both of these forms are available, with instructions at the FDEP Rules and Forms webpage. Air permit renewal applications may also be submitted using EPSAP.
  9. Modifications to emission sources may also require submission of a construction permit application as well as revising the current operating permit. Please contact EPD permitting staff if you are uncertain whether a proposed modification will require permit revision.


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