Monthly Programs

Elections and You - the Voter

This program is all about you, the voter. Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles hosts this show whose goal is to better inform voters and increase voter turnout. In the fast-changing world of elections, it pays to stay informed! Tune in to Elections and You for the latest in voting technology, legislation and behind-the-scenes information.

Orange County Gardening

Get the dirt on gardening from the experts at Orange County Cooperative Extension! Co-hosts Tom MacCubbin and Celeste White give hands-on lessons in horticulture. They are joined by extension agents with expertise in 4-H programs, parenting, nutrition, home maintenance and financial planning. If you've ever wished you had a green thumb, this is the show for you!

Orange County Scrapbook

The Orange County Regional History Center is truly a blast from the past! Host/Producer Michael Perkins leads you on a trip down memory lane. Current History Center exhibits are featured, as well as profiles of the people and places that make up our unique and vibrant community. You'll see local history in a whole new light after viewing this intriguing show.

Pet Pals

They're lovable, loyal and sometimes mischievous. Orange County Animal Services knows how important pets are to our well-being, and Hosts Vanessa and Corene introduce to you some furry friends and show you the best way to choose and care for pets and unusual animals. Perhaps you'll adopt your next pet from Animal Services!


Get wet with Waterways! Waterways is presented by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Everglades National Park and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It profiles unique aspects of the South Florida environment, including the latest research and innovative efforts to protect and restore the fragile ecosystem. You can also visit Waterways online.

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