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Mental and Behavioral Health System


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Recommendation Focus Areas

The Orange County Mental and Behavioral Health System of Care Community Analysis confirms several opportunities for system improvement, including some identified in the preliminary gaps analysis conducted in 2020-2021. While the needs are vast, committees have provided recommendations that are equipped to meet the diverse needs of Orange County’s residents. The findings in this analysis should be understood and reviewed within the context of a system that continues to evolve. However, the research and information described in the analysis can be used as a framework to understand the broad mental and behavioral health needs existing in Orange County.

The committees have identified the following recommendation focus areas:

  • Key Focus Area 1: Integrated and Coordinated Mental and Behavioral Health Care Delivery
  • Key Focus Area 2: Mental Health Promotion
  • Key Focus Area 3: Affordable Housing and Services for Homeless Individuals and Families
  • Key Focus Area 4: Qualified and Available Workforce
  • Key Focus Area 5: Mental and Behavioral Health Finances
  • Key Focus Area 6 Implementation

Read more about the full list of recommendation in each focus area, view the full report.