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Building a Better Code

2023 will be an eventful year for Orange County as we make changes to the Wetland Conservation Areas Ordinance. Here’s what we hope to achieve:

  • Identify and protect priority wetlands and surface waters
  • Balance wetland protections with property rights
  • Make processes more streamlined, predictable and consistent
  • Make the ordinance easier to understand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we updating the Wetlands Conservation Ordinance?

Building a sustainable and prosperous community requires a state-of-the-art regulatory framework for development, particularly with respect to Orange County’s environmentally sensitive areas. The current Wetland Conservation Ordinance, Chapter 15, Article X, was created 35 years ago and has not been substantially modified since then. The goals are to protect high-priority wetlands, make the permitting process and outcomes more streamlined, predictable and consistent, and ensure that natural resource protections are balanced with property rights.

What are wetlands and why are they important?

Wetlands are often called the earth’s kidneys because they filter pollutants from the water that flows through them. In addition, they act as giant sponges, capturing large amounts of rainwater and releasing it at a slower rate, thus protecting us from flooding. Finally, these delicate environments are habitats for a stunning diversity of plant and animal species.

Is preserving wetlands cost effective?

Yes. Think of wetlands as natural infrastructure. Keeping wetlands intact saves taxpayer dollars that would otherwise need to be spent on expensive “gray infrastructure” projects like stormwater treatment systems, flood controls, pollution removal systems and storm recovery efforts.