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As a member of the eVIP (environmental Volunteer and Internship Program) you can be involved in activities such as:

  • Educate students about environmental protection.
  • Install native aquatic plants to shorelines and littoral zone.
  • Label Stormdrains with marker claiming "Only Rain in the Drain."
  • Lake monitoring.
  • National Public Lands Day and Earth Day events
  • Plant native trees.
  • Remove invasive exotic aquatic and upland vegetation.
  • Watershed and shoreline cleanups.
  • Wildlife surveys.

Access our up-to-date newsletter for highlights on current volunteer opportunities. For more information on becoming a volunteer or to get a volunteer application email evip@ocfl.net.


Orange County eVIP isn't only great for volunteer opportunities; you can gain work experience with an eVIP internship. If you are interested in becoming an eVIP intern, please fill out the eVIP Internship Application and return it by email or mail to the eVIP Coordinator at the Orange County Environmental Protection Division Office. If you have additional questions, call (407) 836-1400 or email evip@ocfl.net.

LAKEWATCH: A Volunteer Water Quality
Monitoring Program

Help keep our surface water clean! Orange County is partnering with the UF/ IFAS LAKEWATCH program to test the water quality of local lakes. Volunteers will need to have lake access (i.e. a canoe or other watercraft) to collect water samples. The time commitment is a few hours each month for a minimum of one year. To volunteer with UF/ IFAS LAKEWATCH in Orange County or for more information contact the coordinator at evip@ocfl.net or call (407) 836-1400.

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