Fire Rescue Education Activities Request Form

The Orange County Fire Rescue Public Education Bureau is pleased to provide our community with several types of Public Education Activities. To schedule one for your organization, complete this form and submit it.

Read instructions carefully:

  • Please give a 2-3 weeks notice to schedule all programs.
  • Arrival times are approximate; units are in service and may be diverted to an emergency call.
  • Have an alternate day ready.
  • We cannot endorse any products or service.
  • These services are only available in the unincorporated areas of Orange County. If you are in a city that has its own Fire Department, you will need to call them.
  • In order to schedule your request, the Request Form must be completely filled and submitted.
  • The red asterisk indicates it is a required field.

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Event Information

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Important: Orange County Fire Rescue Department does not participate in Birthday Parties or have Birthday Parties at the Fire Stations. Also, Orange County Fire Rescue Department does not organize Fire Drills & Parades for public, but can attend if your community has one.