Emily Bonilla
District 5 Commissioner

Emily Bonilla is an Orange County Florida County Commissioner of District 5, elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2020.

Born in New York to a Puerto Rican mother and half Dominican/Puerto Rican black father, raised in Massachusetts by her maternal grandparents, Emily Bonilla is a proud Floridian of 22 years. She obtained an Associate’s Degree in Film from Valencia, a Bachelor’s in English from UCF, and Masters in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

She has extensive private sector experience in film, photography, marketing, and creative writing. Brought up in an impoverished family of origin, Bonilla is a visionary who carved out a successful niche in the highly competitive industry. A strong advocate for women, she developed comprehensive marketing tools and strategies that give work-at-home moms (WAHM) a boost up the business ladder.

Following years of entrepreneurial accomplishments, she worked as a Career Advisor at Full Sail University. Duties included assisting new grads with finding employment and/or creating their own business as well as working with businesses that were looking at locating to Orange County.

A long-time supporter of our planet, Bonilla is all about promoting the conservation of Orange County’s natural and economic resources. She currently serves as a dedicated advocate, in fervent opposition to urban sprawl.

Seeing a need for the organization of residents to protect their rural environment, she created Save East Orlando in 2013, which later she transformed the assets into East of the Econ (™), LLC. She also served as a co-founder and acting Chairperson of Save Orange County until 2015.

Bonilla takes on the Commissioner’s responsibility to oppose developments that harm the environment and economy is of great importance. She provides flexible but firm leadership to bring sound judgment to Orange County government. She is an active listener to other viewpoints, an assertive communicator, and an effective team builder.

Commissioner Emily Bonilla - District 5 Neighborhood Advisory Council Meeting

Each month, the District 5 Neighborhood Advisory Council hosts a virtual town-hall-style meeting, in which community members can provide input and share ideas on challenges and initiatives. The Council works together to identify objectives to work towards and goals for the District 5 community. The most recent projects include purchasing environmentally sensitive lands and incentivizing smart development!

Learn more about the Neighborhood Advisory Council and join us at https://emilybonilla.com/neighborhood-advisory-council/

Submit your policy ideas for the Council to consider at https://emilybonilla.com/district-5-policy-idea-list/

Emily Tells All

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  • 2020 Oath of Office Ceremony: “As elected officials, we must take action and make decisions with care. One bold action from a community member can make such a positive impact in other people’s lives. I consider myself an introvert … and not one you would typically consider to run for public office. However, through my journey I have encouraged all of you to talk to your neighbors and get involved in your local government. Everyone can make a difference.” — District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla
  • Speed hump installed along Minnesota Avenue after 100% support from neighbors: "That’s exactly what the neighborhood did. They only needed a 2/3 consensus for the speed hump but received 100% approval from neighbors. Commissioner Emily Bonilla covered the $4,500 cost through her own funding."
  • Orange County officials: Developers need to pay more for transportation: “The developers have had it really good,” Commissioner Emily Bonilla said, unpersuaded by the pleas. “The developers, they’re out having a good time on their million-dollar-plus yachts while our working poor [are] struggling because our government has been giving away discounts...So it’s about time we start charging them 100% of the transportation impact fee.”
  • Orange County raise transportation-impact fees, but keeps discounts: Commissioner Emily Bonilla cast the lone vote against the discounted impact-fee plan. Her district includes rural east Orange where urban-style projects led residents in 2016 to band together to oppose two mega-developments in their community.
    “A vote to discount the developers' impact fees is a vote to increase taxes of everyone else," Bonilla said. "Someone has to pay [for roads]...If they don’t pay their fair share for the impact they put on the roads, then the burden falls to other taxpayers.”
  • Orange County approves plan to use $20M in CARES Act money to fund eviction diversion program - “What are people going to do to feed their families? That’s another thing I’ve been concerned about because they’re losing their income,” Bonilla said.
  • Tourism, development donors help finance 2 Orange County commissioners’ races, but steer clear of 3rd "records show that billboard giant Clear Channel, concrete manufacturer Cemex, liquor retailer ABC and amusement park operator SeaWorld have all given money to Commissioner Betsy VanderLey, who is running for re-election in Orange County’s District 1, and Commissioner Mayra Uribe, who is running for a second term in District 3.But none have contributed to any of the candidates in the county’s District 5, where Commissioner Emily Bonilla is up for re-election."
  • Orange County commissioners reject proposal to freeze rent hikes: "Commissioner Emily Bonilla, who floated the plan, expressed her frustration to fellow commissioners and the mayor, who did not want to explore a freeze on rent rates for the next year."
  • A proposal to freeze rent in Orange County for a year failed Tuesday at the Orange County Commission: But only two members of the board voted in favor of the rent control hearing. Here’s Bonilla: “We were already in a housing emergency prior to this, and it has been increased significantly due to a worldwide pandemic. I mean, if a worldwide pandemic isn’t enough to say we’re in a housing emergency, I don’t know what is.”
  • Tracking coronavirus: Florida adds another 6,000+ cases, 58 more deaths reported: As more counties across Florida add face mask mandates during the coronavirus pandemic, Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla is hosting a free face mask giveaway in Winter Park on Tuesday.
  • Malarkey flows as Orange County tries to justify another $700 million for convention center: Said Bonilla: “That was a very long time ago and a very different time than what we’re living in today.” That’s when I heard a retort so dopey I had to replay it five times to make sure I’d heard it correctly. In response to Bonilla’s contention that needs change over time, Commissioner Betsy VanderLey said: “We founded the country over 200 years ago, and that’s working out. So there’s that.” Um, yes, Commissioner, we did indeed found this country over 200 years ago. A few things have changed since then. Like slavery. And segregation. And denying women the right to vote. Bonilla’s point was that an enlightened society evolves. VanderLey’s attempt at snark was so sadly off-base that it actually bolstered Bonilla’s argument.
  • Visit Orlando handed out nearly $300,000 in extra pay as hotel taxes plummeted because of coronavirus: Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla said Visit Orlando should disclose more information — including the specific salary reduction for Visit Orlando’s highest-paid executive. “If you’re taking taxpayer money for something, then you have to have transparency and accountability,” Bonilla said.