Sustainability Committee


To pursue and implement the long-term sustainability and resiliency of the arts and cultural community, and its place in the natural, built and human environment of Orange County.


  1. Our arts and cultural community is well-established and thriving.
    1. Assess the status of hiring and compensation practices for area arts and cultural workers and make recommendations.
    2. Dedicate at least __% of the value of cultural venues to renovate, repair, and build venues of cultural facilities annually.
    3. Support an arts incubator fund/program to support the growth of culturally diverse and emerging arts and cultural efforts.
  2. Cultural events and venues are well-attended.
    1. Invest in making cultural centers accessible to locals and tourists, providing public transit options and diversity of uses.
    2. Increase tourist awareness by promoting arts and cultural offerings to hospitality industry and transit providers.
    3. Create a unified, centralized marketing campaign for arts organizations.
  3. Our cultural reputation is highly regarded locally, nationally and internationally.
    1. Host large-scale, blockbuster events.
    2. Support noteworthy public art that define Central Florida communities.
    3. Build architecturally significant cultural venues and government buildings.
  4. Arts and cultural education is excellent and accessible.
    1. Recognize arts and culture as an essential component of curriculum.
    2. Attract top-tier arts educators.
    3. Expose students to professional-level arts, in school and off campus.
  5. The arts and culture support environmental sustainability.
    1. Use artistic solutions to bring awareness to environmental issues, leading to solutions.
    2. Promote and educate for the preservation of historically and culturally significant structures and places.
    3. Develop best practices for the arts and cultural community to use sustainable approaches for facilities and events.
  6. Encourage and foster new works, organizations and innovation in the arts.
    1. Bring equity in funding and attention to diverse cultural offerings.
    2. Support arts and cultural collaborations and mentorships.
    3. Develop strong relationships with partner organizations like United Arts and the City of Orlando.

Committee Members:

Theo Webster, Chair
Jenny Coyle
Katie De Bari
Bob Kovacevich
Brandan Lanman
Nancy Rodlun
Ambra Schettini

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