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Headline 5: Volunteering with Orange County offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference in our community.

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Advisory Boards
(Learn more, and view vacancies...)

Animal Services
(Work as an Animal Services volunteer...)

Citizen Corps
(Help train for emergencies...)

Culture & Parks
(Become a STAR, or volunteer as a coach...)

Environmental Protection
(Help keep Orange County green...)

Family, Health & Social Services
(Head Start program, SpecialCare program...)

Fire Rescue
(Join the explorers program, become certified...)

Boards and Special Districts
(BCC, Advisory Boards, Special Districts...)

History Center
(Share your time and talents...)

OCFL Serves
(Make a difference in our community...)

Orange County 4-H
(Volunteer for Orange County 4-H...)

(Plan for a sustainable, livable community...)

Why Volunteer?
(Contribute your passion and talents...)