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National Drive Electric Day
National Entrepreneur Center 06-17-2013
Natural Lands
Neighborhood Event Toolkit
Neighborhood Grants
Neighborhood Pride Grants
Neighborhood Revitalization
Neighborhood Revitalization On TV
Neighbors & Housing
New Commercial Structure Permit
New Communications Division Manager 12-03-2013
New Employees
New Residential Structure Permit
New Towing Ordinance Enforcement Begins
New Year's Day Yard Waste and Recycling Collection
Newsletters & Alerts
No Garbage on Independence Day 06-30-2014
No Garbage or Recycling Collection Service for Unincorporated Orange County on Thanksgiving Day
No Garbage or Recycling Service on Labor Day
Nonconforming Use Determination
NS- Dominican Republic New 911 System 06-18-2014
NS- Hispanic Business Initiative Fund Luncheon
NS- Kaka to play for Orlando City 07-02-2014
NS- Trade and Economic Development 06-27-2014
NS-50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act 07-03-2014
NS-Advisory Boards Play Vital Role in OC
NS-Agricultural Community Unites
NS-AmeriCorps' 20th Anniversary
NS-Animal Services Payoff from Multiple Initiative
NS-Apopka Student Recognized 06-18-2014
NS-Asian Culture Celebrated in Orange County
NS-Asian Pacific American Heritage Month05-06-2014
NS-Attend Annual Orange County Recycles Day
NS-Black Business Investment Fund 07-02-2014
NS-Central Florida International Trade 03-31-2014
NS-Chief Cornita Riley Honored 04-24-2014
NS-Citizens Honored at Neighborhoods Conference
NS-Citrus Bowl Beam Rising Ceremony 06-04-2014
NS-Combat Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus
NS-Community Leaders Travel to Houston
NS-Community Unites for Red Tie Celebrity Golf
NS-Corrections Veterans' Dorm 07-03-2014
NS-County Celebrates SunRail Station 03-30-2014
NS-County Welcomes Defense Support 06-20-2014
NS-Dr. Phillips Center Grand Opening Celebration
NS-East Orlando Chamber of Commerce
NS-Economic Summit 01-15-2014
NS-Fallen Heroes Honored on Memorial Day06-02-2014
NS-Florida Association of Counties 06/20/2014
NS-Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference
NS-Florida Hospital Makes Historic Announcement to Address Homelessness in Orange County
NS-Girl Scouts' Prompt New Traffic Signal
NS-Goodwill Industries of Central Florida Announces Jobs Initiative for Homeless in Orange County
NS-Groudbreaking of MLS Soccer Stadium Celebration
NS-Historic SunRail Whistle Stop Tour 05-05-2014
NS-Hurricane Preparedness Briefing 06-13-2014
NS-Jennifer Thompson New LYNX 05-15-2014
NS-Lone Sailor Memorial Honors OC 04-10-2014
NS-Mayor Engages Students with Family 03-28-2014
NS-Mayor Hosts Jazz in the Park 03-28-2014
NS-Mayor Jacobs Autism Awareness Walk 05-13-2014
NS-Mayor Jacobs Commemorates Juneteenth 06-20-2014
NS-Mayor Jacobs Commission Tours 05-13-2014
NS-Mayor Jacobs Joins Division of Building Safety at Iconic Construction Sites
NS-Mayor Jacobs Provides Update at OBJ 05-15-2014
NS-Mayor Jacobs Recognized as Advocate for CMH
NS-Mayor Teresa Jacobs Launches Fourth Holiday Heroes Toy Drive
NS-Mayor Teresa Jacobs Youth Leadership
NS-Merlin Entertainments Expansion 04-18-2014
NS-Minnesota Officials Tour Belvin Perry, Jr. Ctr.
NS-New Home for Tennis at Lake Nona 05-15-2014
NS-New Roberto Clemente Mural03-15-2014
NS-New Ronald McDonald House in Lake Nona
NS-Newest Centenarian Honored 07-09-2014
NS-OC Back-To-School Events Benefits Students
NS-OC Celebrates 2014 Hispanic Heritage Month
NS-OC Celebrates Arbor Day 04-25-2014
NS-OC Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
NS-OC Community Health Fair
NS-OC Cook Up Pasta to Help Kids in Need
NS-OC Program Engages Citizens in Local Gov.
NS-OC Recognizes Sisaundra Lewis 06-03-2014
NS-OC Welcomes Titan Products 05-23-2014
NS-Official Discuss Legislative Road 06-30-2014
NS-Orange County Host Colombian Faculty 07-09-2014
NS-Orange County Solidifies Partnership with Small Business Administration
NS-Orange County Strengthens Partnership with UCF
NS-Orange County Unites for 2014 Summer of Service
NS-Orange County Wins Top National PR Award
NS-Polytechnic University Expansion 04-15-2014
NS-Prescription Drug Abuse Summit 06-20-2014
NS-Public Service Recognition Week 04-22-2014
NS-Puerto Rican Parade and Festival 03-25-2014
NS-Regional Trade and Logistics Plan Rollout
NS-Social Media Ambassadors Initiative 06-05-2014
NS-State of the County Address 06-10-2014
NS-Student Athletes Assist Mayor 03-18-2014
NS-Summit on Puerto Rican Affairs 06-04-2014
NS-Support Digital Community
NS-Sustainability Our Home for Life 05-14-2014
NS-Sustainable Community Workshop 03-25-2014
NS-Three Generations of Firefighters 04-14-2014
NS-Timber Creek Students Shadow Mayor 05-15-2014
NS-Transportation & Pedestrian Safety 04-11-2014
NS-Troubled Teens Open Up about Fathers 06-13-2014
NS-UCF Incubator Celebrates 15 Years of Success
NS-Valencia College’s Florida Model Legislature
NS-Visionaries of Central Florida Roundtable Event
NS-Volunteers on Earth Day 04-22-2014
NS-Water Conservation Month Challenge 03-25-2014
NS-Wildlife Refuge Grand Opening 06-12-2014
NS-Winners of Jefferson Awards’ Lead360 Challenge
NS-Youth Mental Health Commission 04-25-2014
NS-Youth Mental Health Commission Implementation