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Smartphone Applications and Orange County’s Newsletters

Orange County’s unique OCFL Alert, OCFL 311 and OCFL News apps are available for free on Apple and Android devices. In addition to the benefits of digital and online emergency management communication capabilities, Orange County’s smartphone applications encourage transparency and citizen engagement, and help residents stay more connected with their government.

Smartphone Apps for Mobile Devices
OCFL Atlas OCFL Atlas is an application that encourages citizens to become more engaged in the growth of their community by pinpointing new construction projects throughout Orange County. Citizens may access real-time development data, board meeting details and project locations. OCFL Atlas is designed to work on desktop and mobile devices. (Android | Apple)
OCFL News OCFL Serves provides a convenient way to search and sign up for community service opportunities within Orange County. Opportunities include roles at departments ranging from Fire Rescue to Parks and Recreation, and even at local nonprofit organizations. Download OCFL Serves to become involved in your community. (Android | Apple)
OCFL News OCFL News is a free mobile app provides citizens with breaking news and information about their government. Orange County is the first government organization in Florida to offer citizens breaking news and information about their government on their mobile devices. (Android | Apple)
OCFL 311 OCFL 311 is a smartphone app that allows users to photograph, pinpoint and report problems from potholes to hazardous sidewalk cracks directly from their smartphone to Orange County’s 311 Service Center. OCFL 311 also maps relevant community information so that residents are aware of events that may impact their neighborhood. (Android | Apple)
OCFL Alert OCFL Alert is a first-of-its-kind emergency notification and information smartphone app that provides critical information during times of emergency. Life-saving information includes open shelter locations, water and ice distribution centers, evacuation routes, public service announcements and much more. (Android | Apple)
OC Mobile OC Mobile is a limited collection of device-responsive web pages from the Orange County website. At the OC Mobile website, residents and visitors can access the Orange County Calendar of meetings, the OC Newsroom, Board of County Commissioners web pages, Customer Service 311, contact information and more. (OC Mobile)
Informative Newsletters
Orange County Recycler Orange County Recycler is a quarterly newsletter from Orange County Utilities in English and Spanish that offers tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling at home and in the community. As a resource for its residential customers who are part of Orange County’s curbside garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection program, it also provides information on upcoming household hazardous waste collection events and holiday collection schedules. View Recycler issues.
Neighborhood Newsflash Neighborhood Newsletter provides information monthly about resources and events for Orange County residents; register to receive Neighborhood Newsletter. The Neighbor 2 Neighbor Magazine is a downloadable publication published twice a year by the Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division that highlights inspiring stories of neighborhood leaders and valuable information about neighborhood programs and services.
eVIP News eVIP News is a monthly newsletter which highlights a variety of volunteer opportunities through the Environmental Protection Division. The environmental Volunteer & Internship Program (eVIP) offers citizens a means of public engagement with the natural world around them. eVIPs help Orange County improve and protect its ecosystem by volunteering their time through: watershed cleanups, restoration projects, internships, storm drain labeling, educational presentations, water quality sampling and more. View eVIP News Issues. Sign up for the eVIP News.
Parks and Rec News Orange County Parks and Recreation's monthly newsletter lists events and information about resources and events for Orange County residents; Sign up to receive the Parks' newsletter. View past newsletters.
Special Alerts & Emergency Notifications
OC Alert OC ALERT is an alert system that allows Orange County Government to contact you via email or cell phone text message during an emergency affecting Orange County. Register free-of-charge for OCAlert.
PulsePoint Respond PulsePoint Respond is a mobile app that supports first-responding agencies like Orange County Fire Rescue. The app notifies CPR-trained citizens that an individual in a public area is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest and that they may be in a position to perform CPR until the arrival of emergency crews. The app notifies users through their mobile device which comes in the form of a push notification. (Android | Apple)
PulsePoint AED PulsePoint AED is an application that directs users to the closest publicly-accessible AED. The app enables users to upload the location of the AED, which is then verified, and becomes available to all users during an emergency. Today’s AEDs are very user friendly, with many designed to provide clear verbal step-by-step instructions to the user. (Android | Apple)