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Homeowner Fertilizer Application Online Course Quiz
1. For the purposes of the Orange County Fertilizer Management Ordinance, the rainy season is described as running from June 1 to September 30. During this time, only people who have received training are allowed to apply fertilizer containing 65% slow-release nitrogen.

2. Florida soils typically contain plenty of phosphorus, and Orange County always prohibits the use of phosphorus in fertilizer under all conditions and situations.

3. When reading a fertilizer bag label, you can find information about nutrient content, application rates, and spreader dial settings. If nitrogen is necessary for your landscape, you must make sure the label lists at least 65% of the nitrogen as being slow-release type to comply with our ordinance.

4. Calculating the area of your yard to determine how much fertilizer to apply can be confusing. The best rule of thumb is to buy the largest bag you can afford and apply it all.

5. Two types of mechanical fertilizer spreaders include drop and broadcast type. Which of these two requires a deflector shield when used in Orange County?

6. Only individuals that complete this online educational course every year may apply fertilizers containing nitrogen during the rainy season restriction period. Taking this course means you have permission to fertilize during heavy rain events.

7. Stores that sell fertilizer in Orange County are required to post information about our ordinance to educate residents and help protect our water quality.

8. Fertilizers that are labeled as containing micronutrients tend to have zero nitrogen and zero phosphorus. This type of fertilizer is considered to be more protective of Orange County's water quality because fewer nutrients are in the formulation.

9. Orange County residents should have their soil tested for phosphorus content before applying fertilizer containing this nutrient. Is a soil test required before applying phosphorus-containing fertilizer in Orange County at any time of the year?

10. In Orange County, up to one pound of nitrogen is allowed to be spread per every 1,000 square feet of your yard. To calculate this, you need to know the weight of the fertilizer bag and the % nitrogen in the formulation.