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Congratulations on
Your Retirement!

You’ve worked hard for many years to get to this point, and we hope your retirement is everything you dreamed it could be. On this page you will find a number of resources to help you along your journey. You can also review our Retiree Guidebook for an in-depth look.

Retiree Health Benefits

As a retiree you have three options for healthcare in 2015 offered through Cigna. An in-depth explanation of each plan is included in the Retiree Guidebook.

Visit to learn more about available providers and facilities under the HDHP and LDHP. As a member, you can monitor claim activity, get a replacement ID card and more. For those on the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, you can visit UnitedHealthcare’s AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan page for additional information.

As a participant in any of our group medical plans, you will have a prescription plan managed through Cigna. If you are on the HDHP, you have preventive drugs covered before the deductible and might wish to review the no cost preventative medications and the preventative drug list as a helpful resource for you and your physician. And if you take advantage of the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, review the Medicare Preferred Drug Formulary.

Dental Insurance
Orange County offers three dental plans for retirees through Cigna Dental. The level of benefit will vary depending on the plan selected. The links below will take you to the certificates of coverage for each plan option.

Vision Insurance
Vision insurance is offered through Humana CompBenefits Vision Care Plan (VCP). The plan covers routine eye examinations, corrective lenses, frames and contact lenses. Review the vision plan certificate of coverage for details.

Health Insurance Subsidies

If eligible, The Florida Retirement System (FRS) provides a health insurance subsidy to help offset the cost of your medical insurance premiums. Proof of insurance will be requested by FRS when you apply for the subsidy. Once satisfied, the Division of Retirement will pay $5.00 for each FRS year of service each month, not to exceed $150. The subsidy amount will be added to your FRS check each month.

An additional Orange County Health Insurance Subsidy is available to eligible retirees to help offset the cost of medical insurance premiums. The subsidy is available for the retiree only coverage and does not include dependent coverage. If eligible, you will receive $3.00 per month for each whole year of service, including service time in DROP, up to $90.00 per month. Save time and Hassle with Direct Deposit. Click here for your Direct Deposit Authorization form

Deferred Compensation

Orange County will automatically notify Vanguard, our current 457(b) record keeper, of your retirement date within 2 weeks of the retirement being processed in our system. Once Vanguard’s system is updated, you will be able to work with them regarding withdrawing your funds. Please allow 2-3 weeks following your last day of work for this process to occur and contact Vanguard to discuss your withdrawal options.

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