Williamsburg Safety Improvements


Orange County recently completed a Safety Study of the Williamsburg area. The study Included a crash analysis of accidents from the past 5 years, a speed study, cut-through analysis, and an evaluation of existing pedestrian/Bicyclist features. The results of the study were broken into short-, mid- and long-term recommendations. Traffic Engineering has now begun implementing some of the recommendations.


The purpose of the safety study and Improvement project Is to enhance the safety within the Williamsburg area by implementing strategies that will reduce speed of motorists and cut-through traffic on local roads.


The study was finalized in December 2023 and Orange County Traffic Engineering has begun implementing short term recommendations, including upgrades to signage and new pavement markings. These enhancements will be followed by preparation work for the future mid and long term recommendations.

Public Involvement

The Safety Study included two community meetings as well as two additional commissioner town hall meetings. Roadway users can expect to see improvements to be implemented with short-term recommendations being completed within 6 months, mid-term recommendations within 2 years and long-term recommendations within 5 years.

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