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Collection Bins


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Collection Bins are stationary or free-standing containers located outdoors on property within the county for the collection of donated items, such as clothing, books, shoes or other non-perishable personal property.

Please Note, Collection Bins do not include any of the following:

  • A bin or mobile trailer used for the collection of donated items associated with a special event, provided the bin is removed when the special event ends, and complies with all applicable ordinances and regulations.
  • A container, for the collection of recyclable materials associated with the Orange County Solid Waste Division.

The Zoning Division reviews Collection Bin permits for Orange County. All Collection Bin permit applications are reviewed for compliance with the County’s land development regulations. Collection Bins are reviewed for proper placement, location, zoning district, overall size, materials, signage, and other specific standards.

Applications Process

Submit a PDF of the complete application and supplemental information to the Orange County Zoning Division by email at in the subject line please note, “Collection Bin Application.”

A reviewer will process your application and send you an invoice to pay the submittal fee with your permit number which you can track on Fast Track Online Permitting.

Submittal Guidlines

  • Collection Bin permits must be submitted online via email to
  • Submissions must include the following:
    • A completed Collection Bin Permit Application
    • Written notarized authorization from property owner, acknowledging that they are responsible for any uncollected fees associated with the use of their property for the location of the collection bin and that they have consented to the application for a permit to place the collection bin on the property.
    • A legible and dimensioned site plan or a dimensioned survey, (to scale), showing the proposed location of the collection bin and identifying the following:
      1. all existing structures,
      2. property lines and dimensions,
      3. existing parking,
      4. setbacks from all property lines, and
    • A drawing or manufacturer's specification of the proposed collection bin and information regarding the size and color of the collection bin.
    • If applicant is not the property owner, a notarized letter of authorization from the property owner
    • Written authorization from a non-profit organization to display affiliation with said non-profit organization
  • Payment is due at time of permit submittal. Zoning staff will contact the applicant about paying for the collection bin application online through FastTrack.

Review Process

Applications that are approved will receive a Collection Bin Tag via mail. Applications that are denied will be sent a denial email. The submitted application may be amended/corrected in order to meet the code requirements.

Annual Renew Process

Collection Bin permits, once issued, are effective for 1 year, and require annual renewal.

Applicants will be mailed and emailed a yearly invoice for renewal in October of each year.

The yearly renewal fee is due on November 1st of each year regardless of if the bin was applied for during that year or not.


  • Application Fee - $48.00 (Fee Directory)
  • Yearly Renew Fee - $23.00
  • Please note that if the permit for a collection bin is the result of a code enforcement violation, there will be an additional fee of $40.
  • If payment is not received, you will be subject to code enforcement and additional fees.
  • Replacement Tag – If the tag is lost or damaged the permittee must request a replacement tag and pay the applicable fee.