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PPE for Community Initiative

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The PPE for Community Initiative provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to residents, small businesses and other organizations in Orange County — all at no cost.


Orange County Government is currently providing free PPE to residents who register for a COVID-19 test at one of our Orange County Health Services testing sites. The County offers various opportunities for residents to pick up free PPE. For example, the County gave PPE away during its self-serve sandbag program, in which every household will received a packet of PPE. In addition, if PPE is needed by residents you can check with one of our 13 Neighborhood Centers for Families locations and they will work to connect you to needed PPE.

Free PPE is also provided at Orange County OneBlood locations to donors who pre-register to donate blood. You must make an online appointment first at

Small Businesses

Orange County Government provides PPE to small businesses in Orange County to assist in reopening or sustaining operation.

Please stay tuned to Orange County's PPE for Small Biz webpage and Orange County’s social media channels and newsroom for possible future distribution dates of PPE to small businesses.

Orange County PPE Distribution
Orange County PPE Distribution
Thanks to the PPE for Small Biz in Orange County Initiative, 50,000 local businesses were able to receive more than 5 million masks and 500K hand sanitizers. In addition to small businesses, we’ve given more than a half million face masks and 100k hand sanitizers to individuals and through social services organizations in the community.

For example, Orange County has donated PPE to several local organizations and individuals including Homeless Services Network (35,000 masks and 15,000 hand sanitizers), One Blood (10,000 masks and 10,000 hand sanitizers), and Second Harvest Food Bank (80,000 masks and 10,000 hand sanitizers). Orange County Fire Rescue Department has its own PPE distribution program in the community, distributing 100,000 masks and 20,000 hand sanitizers weekly.

Places of Worship

Orange County Government has served our places of worship by providing them with PPE resources necessary to safely conduct services for their congregation.

In late May, Orange County served 367 Faith-Based Places of Worship by providing free PPE. A total of 328,500 face masks were distributed to help these Orange County congregations open up safely and abide by CDC guidelines. Please continue to check this page and the County's social media pages for future opportunities. For any questions, please contact 311.

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