Orange County Government, Florida

Residential Fence Permit


  • Complete and submit an application for a residential fence permit (if the fence is chain link, vinyl, stockade (wood) or picket only). For structural walls or concrete columns complete and submit a building permit application to be reviewed by the Division of Building Safety.
  • Submit a survey or site plan with the proposed location, type and height of the fence.
  • Application is reviewed by the Zoning Division for compliance with the County regulations.
  • For approved applications, an invoice/permit is issued which must be paid by the applicant to the cashier. For unapproved applications, the issues preventing approval will be discussed with the applicant and either the application can be amended/corrected or if applicable the applicant may choose to apply for a variance from the Code requirements.
  • The permit is issued to the property owner or contractor.
  • The permit expires in 180 days.


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For questions, please call the Zoning Division:

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