Taft Area Commercial Freight Study


Orange County has initiated a freight operations and safety study. The study area will include Wetherbee Road from Orange Blossom Trail to Tradeport Drive/Boggy Creek Road (east-west) and SR 417 to Sand Lake Road (north-south). The study will evaluate existing travel patterns for commercial trucks with a focus on addressing current safety issues on Wetherbee Road caused by conflicts between the residential traffic (primarily pedestrians and bicycles) and the commercial truck traffic using Wetherbee Road. The study will include:

  • Identification of major trip generators of commercial truck traffic and pedestrian/ bicycle attractors (schools, parks, etc.) in the study area
  • A summary of existing roadway conditions including traffic volume data and general roadway characteristics (based on County and FDOT classifications) for the key study area roadway segments
  • Identification of major issues and primary sources of truck traffic utilizing Wetherbee Road
  • Proposing alternative commercial truck routes to Wetherbee Road along with other possible solutions
  • Implementation plan for recommended routing plan
  • Coordination with FDOT
  • Public involvement


The project’s main objective is to determine the feasibility of developing alternative routes to divert the majority of the commercial truck traffic away from Wetherbee Road. The traffic volumes and peak hour/peak direction LOS for the road segments for the potential alternative routes will be evaluated with and without the re-routed commercial truck volumes. This will include peak hour traffic modeling (Synchro/Simtraffic analysis) along Wetherbee Road before (existing conditions) and after the re-routing of the commercial truck volumes.


  • Crash data has been analyzed
  • Currently analyzing the origin and destination data to identify truck patterns utilizing Wetherbee Road

Public Involvement

Public engagement is an important aspect of this project and Orange County’s objective is to get the community involved in the project development and decision-making process so the County can develop a project that not only meets the transportation needs of the area, but is also supported by the community it is intended to serve.

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