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Orange County's comprehensive plan


The Board of County Commissioners approved the “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance on May 21, 2024, with an effective date of May 28th, in anticipation of Vision 2050 & Orange Code ( adoption which is anticipated to occur September/October timeframe. Vision 2050 / Orange Code will change the Future Land Use and Zoning maps for most of the County.

The “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance suspends the acceptance of new applications for rezoning (Planned Development and conventional rezoning requests), Future Land Use Map Amendments, and Special Exceptions (processed through the Zoning Division). The “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance is set to expire after 6 months from the effective date unless earlier repealed or extended. If a rezoning or Future Land Use Map amendment is still needed after Vision 2050 / Orange Code adoption, applications can be submitted at that time and after the “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance expires or is repealed.

Therefore, at this time, the Orange County Planning Division will not accept new applications for rezoning (new Planned Developments or conventional zonings) or Future Land Use Map amendments unless you are in the Master Planned Communities of Horizon West, Avalon Park, Innovation Way, or the I-Drive District. Planned Development Change Determination applications can still be submitted for existing PD’s.

Future Focus

What will Orange County look like in the year 2030? The Comprehensive Plan embodies a community vision for guiding growth in Orange County. It helps the County manage growth to ensure the quality of life desired by Orange County residents. The County's Comprehensive Plan includes a Future Land Use (FLU) Map, with FLU designations for all property in unincorporated Orange County.


All new development must be consistent with the goals, objectives, policies and maps in the Comprehensive Plan. If a development proposal is not consistent with the Future Land Use Map, an amendment may be required, even if it's consistent with the property's Zoning classification.

There are two types of applications, regular cycle amendments and small scale amendments

Most Future Land Use Map amendments for projects less than 10 gross acres in size are small scale amendments. All other projects are regular cycle amendments. Please check with staff to determine if a project is regular cycle or small scale.

Applications for Regular Cycle amendments are accepted twice a year.

Applications for Small Scale amendments are accepted quarterly.

Applicants wishing to request an amendment should contact the Planning Division at 407.836.5321 or

Pre-Application Meeting

A pre-application meeting is required prior to submitting a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application. These meetings occur as part of the amendment cycle. Property owner(s) or authorized agents of the property owner(s) may request a pre-application meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to identify and discuss the proposed request, discuss any issues relating to the proposed application prior to submittal, and review application requirements.

Future Land Use Map Amendment Pre-Application Meeting Schedule


  • future land use map amendment application small scale - $3,426.00
  • future land use map amendment application regular cycle - $6,047.00
  • conventional rezoning - $1,531.00

proposed and adopted amendments

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