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Residential Pavers


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Residential paver permits for unincorporated Orange County are reviewed against applicable County regulations. Paver permits are reviewed for proper placement, location, materials, and other specific standards.

Submittal Process

Submit a PDF version of the complete application and applicable supplemental information to the Orange County Zoning Division by email at In the subject line please type, “Residential Pavers Application.”

Submittal Guidelines

  • Completed application for a paver permit.
  • One (1) copy of a dimensioned site plan that contains the following:
    • All existing structures
    • Proposed location of pavers
    • Property lines
    • Any existing easement
      • Refer to your survey, or recorded plat if applicable, to see if there are any easements on your property. Recorded plats are available on the Property Appraiser’s website.
    • If the proposed residential pavers are located in an easement, a completed and signed Easement Acknowledge Form must also be submitted.
  • Payment is due after the paver application has been submitted. You will receive an email with your permit number requesting payment be made and a link to Fast Track. Payment must be done through Fast Track. When creating your Fast Track account, the User Category you will need to choose is, ‘Zoning/BZA’.

Review Process

  • A reviewer will process your application and send you an invoice to pay the submittal fee with your permit number which you can track on Fast Track Online Permitting.
  • Once payment is received the application will be reviewed.
  • The review time after payment is received is 4 business days. Within 4 business days you will receive an email that outlines any deficiencies or an approval for your permit application.
  • Applications that are denied will be sent a denial email. The submitted application may be amended/corrected to meet the code requirements.

Additional Information

In accordance with Orange County code section 24-29(a) Residential private open space shall be forty (40) percent. Residential private open space shall mean the usable open space on individual lots maintained by the required front, rear and side yards of the residential zoning district and excluding paved driveways, principal and accessory structures. However, for purposes of this article, recreational structures such as, but not limited to, pools, tennis courts and porches shall not be considered accessory structures and shall be included in calculating residential open space.


  • $38.00 nonrefundable Permit Fee (Fee Directory)
  • $38.00 nonrefundable Development Engineering review fee.
  • Please note that if the permit for pavers is the result of a code enforcement violation, there will be an additional fee of $40.

Contact Us

Zoning Division:
Phone: (407) 836-3111

Note(s): When utilizing email, please type ‘Residential Pavers Application’ in the subject line. Garage Sale applications will be reviewed within 5 business days from receipt. If you are requesting an off-site directional(s) sign to be mailed to you, please allow up to 10 days for processing. To check on the status of your application, you may visit Orange County Fast Track Zoning Review.