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Permitting Services inside the Orange County Government Administration Building is open by appointment only for informational meetings.

For answers to frequently asked questions about our services, please see the FAQs below.

Division of
Building Safety

About The Division of Building Safety

Our mission is to ensure public health, safety and welfare through the enforcement of federal, state and local codes governing construction. The Division of Building Safety staff reviews plans, issues building permits and performs inspections to ensure compliance with the Florida Building Code, the National Electrical Code and Orange County’s Construction Regulations. Proper code compliance ensures the life-safety, structural integrity and accessibility of new construction, alterations and repairs as well as the safe installation and function of electrical, solar, plumbing, fuel gas, heating and air conditioning systems.

The Division of Building Safety consists of several specialized sections which include the following:

  • Administration
  • Contractor Licensing
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Inspections
    • Building Inspections
    • Mechanical Inspections
    • Electrical Inspections
    • Plumbing Inspections
  • Expired Permits
  • Permitting and Records
  • Fast Track Online Services
  • Front Desk
  • Plans Coordination
  • Plan Review
    • Commercial Plan Review
    • Residential Plan Review
Fast Track Training Hub
Fast Track Online Services Online Permitting and Development Portal

Fast Track Training Hub

Fast Track User Guide PDF

Fast Track User Guide

Full downloadable, printable walkthrough with screenshots for residential and commercial building permits, helpful links and contact information. Best reference guide for when the project scope involves engineered plans to be submitted..

10 Sections.

Download User Guide

Interactive Training Course

Interactive Training Course

This is an interactive version of the User Guide. This walkthrough includes videos and screenshots for residential and commercial building permits. Best training tool for any customer submitting plans.

10 Lessons and Knowledge Quiz.

Training Course

Fast Track Videos

Fast Track Video Tutorials

This videos series focuses on sub-permitting and processes used by permit applicants using Fast Track, such as Registering for an account, Submitting a NOC, Scheduling and Tracking Inspections and Assigning Contractors.

Best for sub-permit applicants.

Fast Track Videos

One Stop Permitting Guide

One-Stop Permitting Guide

This guide lays out the entire process in 6 steps, starting with training and ending with finalizing inspections and completing your permit. Contains links to resources and much of the same information found in the User Guide.

Helpful for those new to the permitting process.

Permitting Guide

File Naming Webinar

File Naming Requirements

This live event recording will take you through the updated file naming requirements (2021) and new features. Learn about version tracking, the file management system and downloading all approved plans.

Understand the requirements for file names.

View Webinar Recording

All Permits Webpage

Permitting Requirements

This resource allows you to view the submission requirements necessary for each permit type. These pages explain what documents you must upload to meet minimum submission requirements.

Residential, Commercial and Sub-Permit Types

Permitting Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Table Of Contents

Services Information

How can I learn to use Fast Track Online Services?

Many customers may be able to get the information that they need to be successful with electronic permit applications by viewing the training videos or downloading the step-by-step Fast Track User Guide. An interactive version of the User Guide is also available. For even more Fast Track Training and an introduction to our training resources, please view this recording of a live Fast Track Training webinar.

What is the best way to contact you?

Please join our Email List to stay in touch! Use the emails below to contact us with any questions you may have.

  • For Use permit inquiries please reach out to or call 407-836-2973
  • For inquiries on residential fence, RV storage, pavers, garage sales, business tax, please reach out to 407-836-9650
  • For electronic permit application inquiries please reach out to Fast Track Help Team at 407-836-8160
  • For Commercial hard copy Building permit, construction trailer and commercial demolition inquiries please send your request to
  • For Commercial property Electronic submittal inquiries please reach out to
  • For Residential hard copy submittal inquiries please reach out to
  • For Residential Electronic submittal inquiries please reach out to
  • For Sub trade Electronic submittal inquiries and after hour’s inspection request please reach out to
  • For inquires on Digital Signature please reach out to
  • For TUG / TCO / Pre-power / Certificate of Completion / Certificate of Occupancy, please reach out to
  • For Contractor registration or license status, please reach out to
  • For Notice of Commencement please reach out to
  • For Utilities waste water fees, please reach out to 407-836-5503
  • For inquires on building impact fees please reach out to or 407-836-5691

Is the Division of Building Safety offering video-call remote inspections?

Orange County Division of Building Safety offers remote inspections for some inspection types to homeowners and contractors. Implementing remote inspections is consistent with Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings’ goal of streamlining the permitting process and operational recommendations provided by the Orange County Government's Economic Recovery Task Force.

Remote inspections will be offered in 30-minute intervals throughout the day, between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. To request a remote inspection, applicants need to download the remote inspection form and ensure that a team member will be on site with a mobile device capable of video calls. A helpful link has been provided by the technology vendor to test the device to be used prior to the time of inspection to reduce the potential for delays. An app download is not required for this service.

Inspection Types Currently Offered:

  • Building: Windows and Doors Final Inspection
  • Electrical: Residential Underground, Concrete Encased/Footer Bond
  • Mechanical: Air Conditioning Change-out Final Inspection
  • Plumbing: Irrigation, Water Heater Change-out Final Inspection, Re-pipe

For more, please view the full story at the Orange County Newsroom.

Can architects or other representatives apply online without a contractor?

Yes, Permits may be applied for on behalf of a licensed contractor on Fast Track. Before the permit is issued the permit must be assigned to a license holder and the license holder must log in to their account to verify the permit and accept issuance. Learn more about this process by viewing the Fast Track User Guide. The relevant section is titled, “Contractor Verification and Permit Issuance.”

Can homeowners apply for Owner-Builder Permits online now?

Yes, Fast Track has been updated to enable Owner-Builders to apply for permits. Special instructions for this process are available on the Registration Instructions page on Fast Track.

Are you conducting pre-review and other types of meetings remotely?

Yes, Orange County Division of Building Safety Reviewers are conducting meetings remotely utilizing Webex. To schedule a meeting, please download the Pre-review Request Form.

How do I submit a Notice of Commencement to be recorded and certified?

The Division of Building Safety offers an expediting service to assist our customers through email. We recommend utilizing this service. Once the recorded and certified copy is returned to us by Official Records, you may download it from your Fast Track Member Services Account. Learn about this process in the training video available at

Can we continue work after our threshold inspection if there are delays?

No, threshold inspections do not replace required Orange County inspections. Currently, no inspections are being rolled-over and inspections are generally being conducted on new-construction projects without issues or delays. If you feel your inspection has been delayed or rolled-over, please reach out to one of the Deputy Chief inspectors for your specific trade.

How do we continue the process for previously submitted paper-plans applications?

A drop-box is in place inside the foyer of the Orange County Administration Building. Please contact in order to schedule a drop-off or pickup.

Orange County Administration Building
201 S. Rosalind Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801


Where can I download documents?

Orange County has compiled most permitting and construction forms and resources relevant to permitting and construction in one place online. To view and/or download, please visit the Permitting and Constructions Forms page.

Why do I need a Notice of Commencement (N.O.C.)?

Recording a Notice of Commencement is required by Florida Statute 713.13 when any improvement for which the direct contract price is more than $5000 or $15,000 for mechanical work. F.S. 713.02(5). The N.O.C. provides a public record of all parties involved in the project, designates a project commencement date and helps to protect lien rights. For permitted work that require one, a certified copy of a recorded N.O.C. must be filed with the Orange County Division of Building Safety in order for you to be able to schedule your first inspection. For more information about the N.O.C., please review the Florida Lien Law.

To record an N.O.C. efficiently, you may download the Notice of Commencement form, complete it, scan it and email it to For more on this process, please view the N.O.C. Training Video on Fast Track.

How can I schedule a Pre-Review meeting?

To schedule a meeting, please download the Pre-review Request Form.

Fast Track Online Services

What services are available online?

Orange County’s Fast Track Online Services offers a wide range of services online such as the ability to apply for and obtain a permit, track application and review status, submit corrections and revisions, research contractor licenses, schedule and cancel inspections, download development documents, view meetings and hearings dates, topics and notes, search for permits, investigative reports, addresses and parcels, track the progress of your inspector en route to your location and more. Many tools are available to all visitors but permit applications and electronic plans submittals require a Fast Track Member Services account.

Who can register for Fast Track?

Anyone may register for a Fast Track Member Services account, however, most permit types require a licensed contractor in order to be issued. To learn more about the types of accounts, please visit the Fast Track Registration Instructions page.

Code Standards

Which building code is Orange County using?

Orange County abides by the current version of the Florida Building Code which includes these volumes: Building, Residential, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fuel Gas, Energy Conservation, Existing and Accessibility. Additionally, Orange County Division of Building Safety enforces the Orange County Code of Ordinances and the National Electrical Code. If you have additional questions, please email

Do I Need a Permit?

What projects can be performed without a permit?

Work types that do not require a permit are limited to minor repairs such as residential painting, installation of plug-in portable mechanical equipment such as heating/cooling appliances, installation or replacement of finished floor covering, replacing cabinets and countertops in the same location without reconfiguring the space, residential landscaping excluding irrigation installation, residential satellite dish installation, residential flag poles 15 feet or less in height or sectional removable flag poles 20 feet or less in height.

Work types required for permitting follow Florida Building Code section 105.1, which states, “Any owner or owner's authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any impact resistant coverings, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by this code, or to cause any such work to be performed, shall first make application to the Building Official and obtain the required permit.”

When are irrigation permits required?

When installing a new irrigation system, when installing or replacing a backflow prevention device or when changing the connection from the house service to an irrigation meter. Repairing or servicing existing equipment, such as sprinkler heads, does not usually require a permit.

Is a permit required to replace my water heater?

Yes, a permit is required to replace a water heater.

When is an electrical permit required?

An electrical permit is required to perform any electrical construction, to install any electrical wiring, apparatus, or equipment, or to make any extensions or changes to existing systems of wiring for light, heat, or power per Orange County Code of Ordinances Section 9-86 (a).

A low-voltage permit is required for security systems, burglar alarms, cable TV, closed circuit TV, data cabling, phones and speaker wires unless exempted by statutory requirements.

A solar permit is required for the installation of photovoltaic systems.

Is a permit required to replace Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment?

A mechanical permit is always required for HVAC equipment replacement or modification. If the system is an upgrade requiring different size wires or breakers then you need both electrical and mechanical permits.

Who may apply for a permit?

Building permits may be obtained by a Florida licensed Certified or Registered General Contractor, Building Contractor or Residential Contractor. The property owner may obtain an owner/builder building permit as long as the property is for the occupancy or use of the owner. Additional exemptions apply. Permit applications for properties owned by a corporation, LLC or trusts must be applied for by a Florida Licensed building contractor. If you have additional questions, please email

Permitting Questions

Where can I obtain a building or sub-trade permit?

Please register for a Fast Track Member Services account and submit permit applications online.

How do I apply for a new structure building permit?

We have compiled online resources which explain the processes:

How much does a permit cost?

Please see Orange County’s Fee Directory, Building Safety fees are in Section 3, Planning, Environmental and Development.

Permits for new construction can involve review and/or inspection fees by 10 or more different divisions. These fees are not all set amounts, but can be based on factors such as site perimeter, square footage, value of work, use/number of units and type of construction which can only be determined during plan review. Many of the fees are generated automatically by the computer system when the reviewer approves the review. Consequently, it’s not possible to provide the total cost of a permit before it’s ready to issue.

Permits for mechanical, electrical, plumbing or gas work are usually based on the estimated cost of scope of work to be completed.

How many copies of plans and associated paperwork do I need?

  • You are only required to submit one set of electronically signed and sealed construction documents for review when submitting projects through the Orange County FastTrack system. Electronic plan review allows all reviewing agencies to review the plans at the same time.

What is the status of my permit?

Permit status can be viewed in real-time onFast Track Online Services. In the left-hand orange column, click on “Permits, All Types” then click on “Building Permits” and enter the permit number, address or parcel ID. When the Building permit number appears at the bottom of the screen, click on it. Every item in blue is a hyperlink to more information.

How long is a permit valid?

A permit expires six (6) months after the date it was issued or six (6) months from the last passed inspection.

Is it possible to extend permits?

A one-time 90-day permit extension can be granted on active permits for a fee.

Can corrections or revisions be emailed?

Corrections and revisions cannot be emailed. Please upload corrections or revisions through Fast Track Online Services.

What steps must be completed before the Building Permit can be issued?

Before Orange County will issue a Building permit, all Issuance processes listed on the permit must be complete. You may check this on Fast Track, please check to ensure that all the required processes have been successfully completed. Permits are not ready to issue if any processes are still in “Open” status. To inquire about the status of your application, please contact the entity that shows the open status. Contact information for these entities can be found below.

Why do I have to have a C/O or Certificate of Occupancy?

It is required by Orange County Code of Ordinances, Construction Regulations. Orange County Code Chapter 9, Article II - 111.1. Building use and occupancy. “An existing building (except for a one or two-family dwelling or non-transient residential buildings) or a new building shall not be occupied or a change made in the occupancy, nature, or use of a building or part of a building until after the building official has issued a certificate of occupancy in the name of the occupant or tenant. Issuance of a certificate of occupancy shall not be construed as an approval of a violation of the provisions of this Code or of any provisions under any laws including, but not limited to, the Orange County Code.”

How do I get my Certificate of Occupancy (C/O)?

Email and include the building permit number in the subject line.

What’s the difference between a Use permit and a Building permit?

A Use Permit is the process for new tenants with the same type of business as those before to obtain a C/O if they intend to use a space as is without making any changes which would require a Building Permit. A change of occupancy, as defined by the Florida Building Code, usually requires a Building Permit because improvements to the building’s safety features are often necessary.

For any additional questions, please email

What is process to obtain a Use Permit?

Please see our online guide to Use Permits.

For any additional questions, please email

Expired Permits, Change of Contractor, Violations and Fire Damage

How do I find out if a property has expired permits?

Permit information can be found on Fast Track Online Services. Click on Property (Address/Parcel) in the side bar and search for your property by address or parcel ID. Information about past will be displayed.

How can a contractor find out if there are expired permits associated with their license(s)?

A license holder may contact Contractor Licensing or login to their Fast Track Member Services account.

How can I resolve my expired permit?

Expired permits must be replaced with new permits and all remaining inspections must be performed. For questions concerning expired permits please email

How do I obtain a permit for a damaged property (fire, accident, flood, etc.)?

Submit a request for a Field Investigation Report (FIR) report which will require paying a fee. Once a FIR Reference Number has been generated, you will have to schedule an inspection. After the inspection, the inspector will note the course of action necessary to secure permit(s).

How do I clear a violation on a property?

A violation is commonly issued for work done without a permit. To address a violation, apply for a permit to either remove the work or leave it. If the applicant wishes to keep the work done without a permit, they must submit plans showing the work complies with the current codes, including any retrofitting necessary. After plan review is approved by all applicable divisions, and the permit is issued, all required inspections must be passed. Some uncovering of completed work that was not inspected may be required.

How do I change the contractor associated with an existing permit?

Please view the Change of Contractor Resource Guide (PDF). For additional questions, please contact


What inspections are required for my project?

Required inspections vary depending on the scope of work. A list of required inspections are on the back of the Inspection Record provided to you when the permit is issued.

How do I schedule inspections?

It is the customer’s responsibility to schedule all required inspections. Inspection information is listed on the back of the Inspection Record provided to you at time of permitting. You may schedule and track inspections online at with your permit number. To learn more about scheduling inspections, please watch the Scheduling Inspections training video on Fast Track.

Is a final inspection required for my project?

In order to close out any permits, a final inspection is required.

Is someone required to be present for an inspection?

The only time we require the presence of a representative onsite is when our inspector is required to access the interior of an occupied structure. If safe access to the site and the permit documents are provided we will perform the inspection. For inspections that require interior access of an occupied structure, we require the presence of a responsible person that is at least 18 years of age.

Is it possible to get an estimated time of arrival (ETA) on my scheduled inspection?

You may visit Fast Track and use the inspections tool to view the inspectors routed work to see where you are in the scheduling. Visit and click on the green “Inspections” icon to get started. To learn how to track your inspection, please watch the Tracking Inspections training video on Fast Track.

Will I receive notification if my inspection fails?

Yes, the inspector will leave written notification on site and if you provided your e-mail address at time of permitting, you will also receive e-mail notification.

My inspection failed, who should I talk to if I have questions?

You should always talk to your inspector first. Job Site Corrections Notices include contact information for your inspector. They will be able to explain the code deficiency(s) and go over the code reference(s).

Do you offer inspections on Saturday?

We offer after-hours inspections for a fee pending availability. An inspection may also be scheduled after or before normal working hours including weekends and holidays. Please contact to request an after-hours inspection.

What is a 135 Inspection?

A 135 Inspection applies to properties with active building construction in an area that has been identified as a flood plain. It is also known as a FEMA Elevation Certificate. For more information, please review the 135 elevation certificate inspection document.

May I take pictures of the work and just show them to the inspector?

No, Orange County Division of Building Safety does not accept pictures in lieu of inspections. All inspections must be performed prior to any insulation or coverings being installed. All underground inspections must be left uncovered until an Orange County electrical inspector has completed the inspection.

Can I schedule a specific time for an inspection to be performed?


We do not schedule specific times for inspections. For assistance with special inspection needs, please email You may also track your inspection using Fast Track. The Fast Track Video library page has a helpful video that shows how to find your inspector’s schedule using your permit number. Visit the Video Library and click on “Tracking Inspections”.

Who to Hire

Can Orange County recommend contractors or design professionals?

The Division of Building Safety is unable to provide recommendations. We do suggest checking a contractor’s license using Fast Track’s Licensed Contractors Search. Go to and click “Licensed Contractors” in the sidebar. Additionally, to verify a Florida State license, you may also use the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) License Search.

Does my project require a design professional?

Chapter 9 of the Orange County Code of Ordinances requires that new buildings or structures, additions to existing buildings or structures, and alterations to components which may affect the structural stability of a building or structure shall be designed by a Florida-licensed architect or engineer, in accordance with state statutes. Construction documents shall show that the design meets the applicable wind loading requirements of Section 1609 of the Florida Building Code, Building and R301 of the Florida Building Code, Residential for any building or structure, addition or alteration where wind loading is applicable.


What are the setbacks on my property?

Typically, Zoning setbacks are more restrictive than Building setbacks. Please contact the Zoning Division for the applicable front, side and rear setbacks, then call the Division of Building Safety at 407-836-5550 and ask for the Plans Examiner of the day to discuss the ratings of the exterior walls.

How do I find out where on my property I can put a shed?

Please contact the Zoning Division with questions concerning the placement of structures on your property. You may call the Zoning Division at 407-837-3935 or email

Contact Us

Division of Building Safety
Phone: 407-836-5550

All e-mail sent to this address becomes part of Orange County public record. Comments received by our e-mail subsystem can be read by anyone who requests that privilege. In compliance with "Government in the Sunshine" laws, Orange County Government must make available, at request, any and all information not deemed a threat to the security of law enforcement agencies and personnel.