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The Orange County Neighborhood Organization Directory is a database consisting of neighborhood & community organizations. Registering your organization is an excellent means of keeping informed of Orange County activities and programs beneficial to neighborhoods. The contact information in the database is used to communicate important information to neighborhood & community leaders; such as notices for the Annual Orange County Community Conference, monthly workshops, re-zoning hearings, neighborhood grant opportunities, etc… It is also used as a means to communicate with neighborhood leaders in the event of a disaster situation. Register today! Simply complete this form. Make sure to include email addresses, as a lot of information is sent only via email in an effort to keep costs to a minimum!

Registering with Orange County Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Office is voluntary - all information provided about your organization is voluntary. Orange County Government does not endorse or legitimize any organization registered with our office. Orange County Government reserves the right to deny the registration and/or publication of any organization that does not meet the organizational criteria to be listed in the Directory.

1. Please choose the reasons for sending in this form?

2. About your organization

3. Organization Identification:

NOTE: Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division maps all organizations that represent a specific neighborhood or community and this can be viewed through InfoMap, which is an interactive mapping tool accessible through the Orange County Government website. Check out your mapped organization and if it has been mapped incorrectly, please let us know.

Tell us the number of households included in your neighborhood organization.*

*Community service organizations, please input N/A

4. Main Organization Contact Information

5. Secondary Organization Contact Information

6. Neighborhood Emergency Representative Contact Information

Please appoint a Neighborhood Emergency Representative (NER) in the event of a local disaster.  He/she will be kept informed, by our office, of all disaster-related and disaster-recovery issues that might affect your neighborhood.  Should the need arise, this individual would be asked to disseminate pressing information to all residents in the neighborhood.

Does your neighborhood have a Neighborhood Emergency Response Plan (NERP)?

Registering Instructions: SKIP TO SECTION 9 if you are registering/updating any of the following:

  • HOA or Condo Association
  • Voluntary Grass-roots Neighborhood Group
  • Neighborhood Watch Group

NOTE: ALL OTHER registering entities should complete sections 7 & 8.

7. Services

Characters left: 1800
8. Service Boundaries

Characters left: 1800
9. Supplemental: Neighborhood Organization Mentor Network

Would your organization be willing to mentor a newly formed neighborhood organization? This program offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge with another organization that is struggling in a particular area. Only if your organization is willing to be a mentor (at no charge) to other organizations should you complete this section, providing necessary contact information and checking field/s of expertise for which your organization will offer assistance.


The Neighborhood Organization Directory is provided as a public service through the Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization Division and is accessible through the Orange County Government Website. If any of your organization representatives’ personal contact information is protected legally by State Statute, please list other organization representatives as the main or secondary contacts. Please make sure that you have the permission of everyone whose personal information is included on this form. With this in mind, please indicate below if it is permissible to print your organization’s contact information in the annual publication of the Orange County Neighborhood Organization Directory.

11. In case we have questions about your organization’s registration, please provide contact information for the person submitting this form.