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Citizens' Review Panel

Fund Distribution Process

Orange County Citizens’ Review Panel (CRP) Fund Distribution Process

Orange County is pleased to announce the opening of this year’s Citizens’ Review Panel Fund Distribution Process for fiscal year 2019-2020. Each year, the Citizens’ Review Panel for Human Services Advisory Board (CRP) accepts and evaluates proposals, then make funding recommendations to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners benefiting numerous health and human service 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations located and offering services in Orange County. Funding allows these nonprofit organizations to provide vital services to the citizens of Orange County.

Below are the categories of available funding through the CRP Fund Distribution Process.

General CRP Process

This category of funding is to local health and human services 501(c)3 nonprofits located and offering services, for at least one (1) year, in Orange County. There are two categories of agencies eligible to apply for funding in this category - Renewal Agencies and Request for Proposal Agencies.

Renewal Agencies

Agencies that are currently receiving funding from Orange County and are applying for continued funding. Only agencies that have been designated as a Renewal by Orange County may apply for funding under this category. This category does not include any agency that applied for and was awarded Request for Proposal (RFP) funding during the past fiscal year.

Request for Proposal Agencies

This category is open to all local health and human services 501(c)3 nonprofit agencies located and offering services in Orange County. Agencies must have provided services for at least one year and meet all other funding eligibility requirements to be considered for funding. This category is also for all agencies that have received RFP funding in the previous fiscal year, who would like to reapply in the competitive process for continued funding.

Request for Proposals are available in the areas of adult literacy, case management, employment and job readiness, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) instruction, family counseling, health and recreational programming for seniors, life skills training and development for offenders, services for the disabled, services for deaf/hearing impaired, services for the blind/vision impaired, supportive counseling for at-risk youth, supportive counseling for children and their families with special needs, and youth programming. Agencies may apply for multiple Requests for Proposals.

*Note the deadline to submit Notice of Intent to Apply for funding is Friday, September 14, 2018 by 4 pm.

Agencies will not be able to move on to the next stage and submit a funding proposal without submitting a Notice of Intent to Apply by the deadline.
Refer to the Timeline found in the left margin of this page for specific process dates.

Process Documents & Deadline

Agencies wishing to apply for CRP funding are required to download all appropriate process documents found in the left menu section of this webpage.

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