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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Mayor Demings' MLK Initiative Book Club is the brainchild of the Education and Literacy Subcommittee of the MLK Initiative. The goal is to foster a love for literature by promoting books based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values. Those values include: kindness, fairness and equality, love, selflessness, education, leadership, and hope. Books titles are selected by members of the MLK Initiative and Mayor Jerry L. Demings. Residents are encouraged to participate by finding the selections in their local library and enjoying these inspirational works.

Current Book

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The Servant Leader by James A. Autry

Book Review

Leadership is a calling. And servant leadership — the idea that managing with respect, honesty, love, and spirituality empowers employees — helps individuals answer that calling. Bestselling author and former Fortune 500 executive James A. Autry reveals the servant leader’s tools, a set of skills and ideals that will transform the way business is done. It helps leaders nurture the needs and goals of those who look to them for leadership. The result is a more productive, successful, and happier organization, and a more meaningful life for the leader.

Book Nominator and MLK Initiative Member

Robert Henlon, Fierce Entertainment Management LLC.

Comment: My Masters is in Management & Leadership, and as a leader of my company and in the community, I always try to fine tune my craft. This book encourages leaders to serve their people as opposed to treating them like they are supposed to serve their leader. It's a good reminder that though you may be a person with power, how you use that power will be the true determining factor of the results.

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