Dean Road RCA

Rapid development of UCF and surrounding areas
that impact Dean Road

Planning ahead

The rapid development of UCF and the surrounding area are impacting Dean Road. The 1.4 mile study is from University Boulevard to McCulloch Road/Lake Georgia Drive.


The area is a mix of residential, commercial, churches, wetlands, farm lands and open land. Improvements will address the transportation needs while minimizing environmental, social and economic impacts.

It is Important

Dean Road is a north-south roadway that links east-central Orange County with south Seminole County. It is a key thoroughfare in this area.

Public Involvement

Small Group Meetings Fall 2012
Community Meeting, June 26, 2013
Local Planning Agency (LPA) Public Hearing, December 26, 2013
Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing, January 28, 2014


Staff Requested: Approve the findings of the Dean Road RCA Study. Find it consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Authorize Staff to proceed with: Phase I: Intersection Improvements at Dean Road and University Boulevard. Phase II: Continue monitoring mainline for ultimate improvement.
Action taken: The Board approved the Dean Road Roadway Conceptual Analysis; further made a finding of consistency with the Comprehensive Plan; and further, proceed with the design right of way acquisition and construction of the University Boulevard and Dean Road intersection.

Mainline widening to McCulloch will be postponed until funding becomes available for design, at which time the public will be notified and a community meeting held to determine the actual roadway width of 100’ or 90 feet for construction.

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