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Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District


The Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) was created in Dec. of 2011 as a recommendation from the Pine Hills Business Redevelopment Task Force.

This NID focuses on public safety and neighborhood revitalization along the major business corridor within Pine Hills.

Potential Community Benefits

  • Financial assistance to growing businesses.
  • Appearance improvements to the business corridor
  • Street and intersections improvements.
  • Pedestrian and bicycling safety improvements.
  • Lighting, parks, stormwater drainage, and utility improvements
  • Safer mass transit access improvements
  • Reduction in crime

Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) Property and Reports Database

OEP Property and Reports Database

This database is owned by the Orlando Economic Partnership and Powered by Duke Energy.

The Property and Reports Database is an easy to use application developed through a partnership between the Orlando Economic Partnership and Duke Energy. It provides up-to-date real estate and business investment information for the Central Florida region.

Using the layer and filtering features in conjunction with the mapping function, potential investors can identify available properties by location and determine whether these properties have access to many of the amenities and incentives that may be available to real estate developers and business owners should they choose to invest in this community.

Planning Documents

Annual Reports


Pine Hills Location to be announced
First Wednesday of each month 6:00 p.m.


  • LYNX Pine Hills Transfer Center
  • Pine Hills Road Pedestrian Safety Project
  • Septic to Sewer
  • Beautification Within The NID
  • Safety

Contact Us

Contact: Neighborhood Services Division
450 E. South Street, 3rd Floor
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-836-5620

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