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Healthcare CEMP

Healthcare Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

State law requires that the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) develop and adopt minimum criteria for healthcare facility’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). The law also requires that this CEMP be reviewed and approved by the County Office of Emergency Management. These facilities include:

Submitting a CEMP

Criteria documents are provided by clicking on your facility type on the bulleted list above to assist with the development and submission of Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP). In order to avoid delays, plans should be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to their expiration date.

Emergency Management has up to 60 days to perform the initial review of your plan. Plans are reviewed in order of submission. If deficiencies are found the facility will be notified via email. The facility has up to 30 days to submit revisions after notification. We will strive to review those revisions within 60 days of receipt.

A complete CEMP submission includes:

  1. AHCA criteria/crosswalk with page numbers indication where the information can be found within the plan
  2. Facility Contact Form
  3. Current Approval letter of your Fire Safety Plan from the Fire Marshal’s office
    1. Approval Letter cannot expire within 60 days of submission
    2. If you are using the Facility Fire Inspection Report, the report must indicate the Fire Safety Plan being reviewed and approved
  4. Updated Mutual aid Agreements with signature and current dates
  5. CEMP Files must be save and upload as your FACILITY NAME and year. Example XYXFacility-2017.pdf
File UploadUse the file upload below to submit your complete CEMP submission package.

Review Fee

Fees for CEMP reviews are allowed under F.A.C Chapter 9G-20. Submitting organizations will be provided with an invoice, which must be satisfied prior to receiving an approval letter. Payment can be made through the Orange County Fire Rescue Department online portal.

AHCA Orlando Office

The AHCA has a local office in Orlando. The agency's contact information is as follows:

400 West Robinson St. Suite 309
Orlando, Florida 32801
Telephone number: 407-420-2502

Emergency Power Plan

File Upload: The Emergency Power plan is only applicable to Assisted living facilities and Nursing Homes. You may use the file box below to submit your emergency power plan. Emergency Power plans (EPP) must be save and uploaded as your Facility Name- EPP.
Example: Blue Facility -EPP

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