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Citrus Sky

 - John Wolfe

Orange County Library - Winter Garden

About the Artwork

This brightly colored large-scale mobile hangs gracefully above the main seating area in the Orange County Winter Garden Library. The children’s section of this library contains the artist’s original, considerably smaller, mock-up of “Citrus Sky.”

About the Artist

John Wolfe
From his earliest years, John Wolfe recalls drawing, creating and fabricating multiple art forms from mobiles to pottery. He has a degree in Studio Art and Education from Rollins College with an emphasis in three -dimensional media. While practicing as a sculptor, he taught art in Orange County, Florida for fifteen years. Wolfe constructs mostly mobiles and kinetic sculptures with bold color, inspired by Calder, Klee and Matisse as well as by botanical and natural observations of the St. John’s River, and the beaches and wildlife of Florida’s Atlantic coast. Wolfe’s sculpture and mobiles are displayed in both indoor and outdoor sites and range in size from tabletop to outdoor and public sculpture of monumental scale. Wolfe frequented the art show circuit during the late 1980s and through the 1990s winning many awards. Since 2000, he has lived and worked in DeLand, Florida

Did you know?

There is a large and colorful abstract leaded glass window in the Orange County Administration Center, called Riverwalk to the Sea, that is hidden behind shutters in order to control light for the T.V. cameras which broadcast meetings held in the room. However the shutters can be opened on request.

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