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Empowered Parenting

Why Powered Up Parenting is Important

Parents can have the most influence on whether or not their child chooses to drink alcohol or use drugs. However, some parents do not engage their power; they don’t realize their expectations matter to their children.

  • Engaged Parents are a positive adult role model
  • Engaged Parents are aware of risk factors for youth substance use
  • Engaged Parents support their kids and give them space to grow
  • Engaged Parents are Prepared. Your child may become curious about alcohol or other drugs; he or she may turn to you for answers and advice
  • Engaged Parents use “natural” opportunities, such as dinner time or while doing chores, to start an honest conversation about drinking
  • Engaged Parents often work with schools, communities, and civic leaders to protect children from underage alcohol use and other health threats.

What Parents Can Do

Powered Up Parents is a messaging campaign that promotes wellbeing for our children. Research demonstrates that using alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs is harmful to the developing adolescent brain (for youth and young people under age 25).

Our teens may be responsible individuals with many life experiences, but their brains are still rapidly developing until about age 25. Misuse of alcohol and other drugs are not safe, while teens/young adults continue to grow. Powering Up parents provides resources to start conversations with your children, build trust, and help them make smarter, safer decisions.

Seven Steps to Power-up Your Expectations

Don’t hesitate to

  • Set Clear Expectations
  • Establish Clear, Concise, Consequences
  • Be consistent—follow through on enforcing consequences
  • Review the Rules-foster open dialogue about your expectations
  • Know Where your children Are
  • Know Who your children are With
  • Know what your children are Doing

Go to to learn more about early prevention from the Partnership to End Addiction.