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November 13, 2007 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation - District 3

Presentation of proclamation designating November 16, 2007 as Orlando Opera Company Appreciation Day





1. Selection of one firm and an alternate to provide Engineering Services for the Orange County Convention Center West Building Fire Alarm System Upgrade, Request for Proposals Y8-802-EZ, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically:

• Hughes Associates, Inc.
• S.G.M. Engineering, Inc.
([Capital Planning Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 180-182

2. Selection of two firms and one alternate to provide Continuing Professional Transportation Planning Engineering Services, Request for Proposals Y8-901-EZ, from the following three firms, listed alphabetically:

• GMB Engineers and Planners, Inc.
• Luke Transportation Engineering Consultants, Inc.
• Tindale-Oliver and Associates, Inc.
([Transportation Planning Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page

3. Update on 2008 Legislative Priorities and Special Session Recap. Page 188

4. Approval Orange County/Orlando Magic Recreation Centers Funding, Design, and Development Agreement. Page 189-207

5. Presentation regarding DriveCam Program. (Risk Management Division) Page 208


1. Medicaid Reform Update. Page 209

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to:

Sue F. Mitchell (20), Sue C. Feenberg (20) Community Corrections, Corrections; Dennis L. Synder (30), Communications, Edgar Williams (30), Charles T. Ruffing (30), William E. DuRant (30), Operations, Fire Rescue; Harriet T. Mathis (20), Youth & Family Services, Health and Family Services; Pedro Cruz (20), Development Engineering, Stanley L. Bell (30), and John Poleon (20), Roads and Drainage, Public Works; and Thomas M. Brien (20), Water, Utilities

October 18, 2007 Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations


A. Petition to Vacate

1. Applicant: Deborah Hagen, Ocoee Golf, LLC; No. 07-13, portions of rightsof-way; District 1

B. Substantial Change

2. Applicant: Susan Jackson, Elysium Preliminary Subdivision, amend plan, District 2

C. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeal

3. Appellant/Applicant: Edgar Villanueva; Case VA-07-10-025, October 4,
2007; District 4

D. Substantial Change

4. Applicant: Jim Mikes, Contrarian Florida Links, LLC; Meadow Woods
Planned Development/Land Use Plan, amend plan; District 4
Public hearings scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

E. Planning and Zoning Commission Appeal

5. Appellant/Applicant: Albert A. Meyer for Michael Rodriguez and Franco
Ferrari; Case RZ-07-08-067, September 20, 2007; District 3

F. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeal

6. Appellant/Applicant: Lori Ann Nieves; Case VA-07-08-019, August 2,
2007; District 3; continued from October 9, 2007 WITHDRAWN

G. Development Review Committee Appeal

7. Appellant/Applicant: Sean R. Platter, Platter Construction; Meadow Woods Estates at Thompson Road Preliminary Subdivision Plan; District 2; continued from September 11, 2007

H. Board of Zoning Adjustment Board-Called

8. Applicant: Republic Services of Florida, LP; Rocket Boulevard Materials
Recovery Facility; Case SE-06-07-022, September 6, 2007; District 4


I. Solid Waste Management Facility

9. Applicant: Republic Services of Florida, LP; Rocket Boulevard Materials
Recovery Facility; materials recovery and transfer station, permit; District 4

J. Resolution

10. Designating area as "Baratta: Redeveloping Orange County Communities (ROCC)" and as a Brownfield Area; District 2

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