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July 31, 2007 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

• Invocation – Mayor Crotty
• Presentation of Tree City USA Award
• Presentation of proclamation designating the week of August 5 through August 11, 2007 as National Health Center Week





1. Ethics Task Force Initial Report. Page 289-290


1. Selection of one firm and two ranked alternates to provide Recruitment Advertising, Request for Proposals Y7-1036-JS, from the following three firms, listed alphabetically:

• Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc.
• Greystone Group Advertising
• NAS Recruitment Communications
([Human Resources Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 291-294

Recognition of Bill Potter Retiring as Parks and Recreation Manager


A. Petitions to Vacate

 1. Applicant: Mark J. Spinicelli for Spinicelli Holding Corporation; No. 07-05, 2 unnamed rights-of-way; District 4

 2. Applicant: Debra McMurchie; No. 07-12, portion of a drainage easement; District 4

B. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

 3. Applicant: Dan R. Hallauer for Dean Hallauer Property Planned Development; Case RZ-05-05-067, May 17, 2007; District 3

 4. Applicant: Rebecca Hammock for Tupperware Heights Planned Development; Case RZ-06-05-063, May 17, 2007; District 4

 5. Applicant: Momtaz Barq for Windermere Gardens Planned Development; Case RZ-06-05-070, May 17, 2007; District 1

C. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

 6. Applicant: Alan Goldberg for Sandpiper Road Planned Development; Case RZ-05-10-121, May 17, 2007; District 2

D. Substantial Change

 7. Applicant: John Thomas, Waterford Chase East Planned Development/Land Use Plan; amend plan; District 4

E. Development Review Committee Decision Appeal

 8. Appellant/Applicant: Robin G. Drage; Waterford Chase East Planned Development – Phase 1 – Parcel C-1/Exxon Mobil – Development Plan; District 4

F. Shoreline Alteration/Dredge Fill Public Hearing

 9. Applicants: John and Terri Von Achen, canal to Lake Irma, after-the-fact permit, District 5

G. Development Review Committee Decision Appeals

 10. Appellant/Applicant: Janet Courtney for Lake Eola Condos, LLC; Paramount Lake Eola, LP; alternative school impact fees; District 3


 11. Appellant/Applicant: Janet Courtney for GDC Properties, Inc.; The Ivanhoe; alternative school impact fees; District 5


 12. Appellant/Applicant: Janet Courtney for Euro 55 West, Inc.; alternative school impact fees; District 6

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