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July 10, 2007 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation - District 5 • Recognition of members of the 2007 Employee Academy • Presentation of Letter of Appreciation to Orange County Government for its support of the "Focus on Achievement" mentorship program at the local elementary schools from the Devereux Foundation • Presentation of Jefferson Award to Mr. Bobby Beagles for Outstanding Community Service • Recognition of Governor's Points of Light award recipient Irene Hudak





1. Selection of one firm and one alternate to provide Engineering Services, Request for Proposals Y7-813-PH, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically: • Carter & Burgess, Inc. • Rockett & Associates, Inc. ([Utilities Engineering Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 231-235


1. Presentation regarding red light running. Page 236-243


1. Update regarding the mission and operation of the Mosquito Control


1. Approval of:

a) Agreement for the Off the State Highway System Transportation Regional Incentive Program between the State of Florida Department of Transportation and Orange County for the Construction of County Road 535 Segment D and D-1 from Fiquette Road to Chase Road. (Transportation Planning Division) Page 245-264


b) Memorandum Regarding Procedure for Disbursement of Paygo/Prop Share Fees and TRIP Funding Under Developers Agreement (Orange County) for Road Improvements to County Road 535 Between Chase Road and Fiquette Road. (Transportation Planning Division) Page 265-271


c) Approval of the CR 535 Segments D and D-1 Utilities Construction Agreement between Orange County and 535 Chase Road Mitigation, LLC,$3,002,717.95. (Utilities Engineering Planning Division) Page 272-288


d) Conveyance Documents associated with the Developer's Agreement for Road Improvements to County Road 535 between Chase Road and Fiquette Road. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 289-292


e) Budget Amendment #07-55. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 293

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to:

Jennifer S. Miller (20), Renee Champion Diltz (20), Community Corrections, Frank J. Diltz Jr. (25), In-Custody Support, Corrections; Jeffrey S. Siegler (25), Drew S. McLain (20), Deborah A. Marshall (20), Kevin R. Kennedy (20), Operations, Fire Rescue; Ella J. Gilmore (40), Department Office, Donald L. Ferguson (30), Mosquito Control, Health and Family Services; Donald A. Freelove (30), Water Reclamation, Utilities.

• Presentation of proclamation designating August 7, 2007 as National Night Out and National Neighborhood Day

• Presentation of proclamation designating the month of July as Parks and Recreation Month



A. Comprehensive Policy Plan

1. Transmittal of 2007-2 Regular Cycle Amendments (Note: Backup will be provided under separate cover by the Planning Division)

1. Transmittal of 2007-2 Regular Cycle Amendments(Note: Backup will be provided under separate cover by the Planning Division)


Expedited Privately Initiated Future Land Use (FLUM) Amendments

Amendment #2007-2-A-1-1 Kathy Hattaway - HCI for WDW Co., WDWHRC & RCID NE Resort Parcel Amendment # 2007-2-A-2-2 James Hall - Canin Associates for Ted Dewitt (Postponed to Future Cycle) Amendment # 2007-2-A-2-6 Xabier Guerricagoitia for Otero Associates, Inc. (Withdrawn) Amendment # 2007-2-A-4-1 Jim Hall - VHB for Jim Hardman, et al Amendment # 2007-2-A-4-2 Thomas Daly - Daly Design Group/Camino Developments (Postponed to Future Cycle) Amendment # 2007-2-A-6-1 Stephen Blanton for Craig and Audrey Pearlman

Privately Initiated Future Land Use (FLUM) Amendments

Amendment # 2007-2-A-1-2 Foley & Lardner, LLP for Karst, Inc. Amendment # 2007-2-A-1 -3 Kendell Keith for Chancellor Investments, LLC Amendment # 2007-2-A-2-1 Dan O'Keefe, Esquire, Shutts & Bowen for William Long

1. Transmittal of 2007-2 Regular Cycle Amendments (Continued) (Note: Backup will be provided under separate cover by the Planning Division)

• Privately Initiated Future Land Use (FLUM) Amendment(Continued)

Amendment # 2007-2-A-2-3 Stephen C. Vaughn for Kenneth Rubinson Amendment # 2007-2-A-2-4 Advanced Remediation, LLC Amendment # 2007-2-A-2-5 Interplan, LLC for Ocoee Holdings, LLC

Staff Initiated Comprehensive Plan (CPP) Text Amendments

Amendment # 2007-2-B-FLUE-1 Orange County Planning Division (Text Amendment to the FLUE Policy .A)

B. Petitions to Vacate

2. Randall W. Frye; No. 07-08, portion of unnamed right-of-way; District 5 3. Don Freeberg for Sierra International Drive, LLC; No. 06-22, unnamed right-of-way; District 1

C. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeals

4. Appellant/Applicant: Charles J. Theurer; Item SE-07-05-003, May 3, 2007; District 1

5. Appellant/Applicant: Hazael Munoz; Item VA-07-04-008, April 5, 2007; District 3; continued from June 5, 2007

D. Development Review Committee Appeal

6. Appellant: Chuck Piper Appellant: Thomas P. Wood, Lake Burden Neighborhood Planned Development-Lake Burden North Preliminary Subdivision, District 1

E. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

7. Applicant: Jay Folk for Sheeler Avenue Townhomes Planned Development; Case RZ-06-08-104, April 19, 2007; District 2; continued from June 12, 2007

8. Applicant: Tuan Huynh for Villagio at Waterford Lakes Planned Development; Case RZ-06-07-093, April 19, 2007; District 4


F. Conservation Area Impact

9. Applicant: Alta Development, Inc.; Villagio at Waterford Lakes; Class II and III Wetlands Permit; District 4; continued from May 22, 2007 and June 26, 2007

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