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January 9, 2007 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation—District 3

Presentation of award to Mayor Crotty from the Friends of Lake Apopka

Presentation of proclamation designating Saturday, January 20, 2007 as Arbor Day





1.Presentation and discussion regarding Proposed Task Force for Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform and adoption of a resolution creating the Orange County Ethics and Campaign Finance Task Force. Page 285-291


1.Juvenile Assessment Center Update. Page 292


1.Appointment of an individual to succeed Max Hunt on the Code Enforcement Board with a term expiring December 31, 2008. (Agenda Development Office) Page 293-295


1.Selection of one firm and one alternate to provide Engineering Services for the Solid Waste Northwest Transfer Station, Request for Proposals Y7-801-PH, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically:

·HDR Engineering, Inc.
·S2L, Incorporated
([Solid Waste Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 296-299


1.Presentation of Annual Investment Report for 2006. Page 300


1.Discussion concerning the Green PLACE Program and approval of two contracts for sale and purchase, along with resolutions to reserve mitigation rights on the Hampton Bay and Stucki properties; and the Participation Agreement between St. Johns River Water Management District and Orange County for purchase of the Neighborhood Lakes parcel. Districts 1, 2, and 4. (Environmental Protection Division) Page 301-331


1.Solid Waste Collection Service Alternatives. Page 332


December 21, 2006, Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations


A.Petitions to Vacate

1.Applicant: Mark A. Russell, Central Florida YMCA; No. 06-35, portion of drainage easement; District 6

2.Applicant: Myron J. Roseland; No. 06-36, portion of unnamed 60-foot-wide right-of-way; District 5

3.Applicant: Charles J. Garvey; No. 06-37, portion of 14-foot-wide utility easement; District 5

4.Applicant: Gilberto Estrada; No. 05-22, portion of right-of-way; District 4

5.Applicant: David W. Foley, Jr.; No. 06-31, portion of right-of-way; District 3

B.Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

6.Applicant: Richard Daves, The Center for Drug Free Living; Case RZ-06-09-127, October 19, 2006; District 6

7.Applicant: Sarah Stack, Chase Road Planned Development; Case RZ-06-10-138 aka Z-04-118, October 19, 2006; District 1

8.Applicant: Miranda Fitzgerald, VOA-Nerbonne Planned Development; Case RZ-06-06-079, October 19, 2006; District 1

9.Applicant: Jamil Zarazel; Case RZ-06-09-117, October 19, 2006; District 2

C.Substantial Changes

10.Applicant: Jay Klima, The Village Planned Development/Land Use Plan (PD/LUP); amend LUP; District 1


11.Applicant: Jay Klima, The Village Planned Development/Development Plan (PD/DP); amend DP; District 1

D.Comprehensive Policy Plan (CPP)

12.Transmittal of 2007-1 Regular Cycle Amendments

Privately Initiated Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and Text Amendments

Amendment 2007-1-A-1-1Kathy Hattaway-HCI/Matt Kelly-Walt Disney World Co. & WDWHRC
Amendment 2007-1-A-1-2Kendell Keith/ Chancellor Investments (Withdrawn)
Amendment 2007-1-A-1-3Rodger L. Anderson/Ronney Oliveira (Postponed to Future Cycle)
Amendment 2007-1-A-2-2James Hall-Canin Associates/Ted Dewitt (Postponed to Future Cycle)
Amendment 2007-1-A-2-3Jeremy M. Kibler/Bruce and James Knox (Postponed to Future Cycle)
Amendment 2007-1-A-2-4Advanced Remediation (Postponed to Future Cycle)
Amendment 2007-1-A-2-5Interplan, LLC/Ocoee Holdings, LLC
Amendment 2007-1-A-2-6Scott Hall/The Pizzuti Companies/Pizzuti Equities, Inc.-Clarcona Ocoee, LLC
Amendment 2007-1-A-4-1Aaron Gorovitz, Lowndes Drosdick et al. P.A./Joseph A. Amrhein Trust
Amendment 2007-1-A-4-2Daly Design Group/ Rio Real Properties Orlando, LLC
Amendment 2007-1-A-5-1MSCW, Inc./Dill Properties, Inc. (Withdrawn)
Amendment 2007-1-A-5-2Hugh Harling, Jr., Harling Locklin & Associates, Inc./Gerald Braley-Bay Pointe Homes
Amendment 2007-1-A-5-3Railey and Harding, P.A./Cedar Trust Services, Inc.
Amendment 2007-1-A-6-2Steve Blanton/ Craig and Audrey Pearlman (Postponed to Future Cycle)
Amendment 2007-1-A-6-3Derek A. Taylor/EW Sunvest Golf Development, LLC

Privately Initiated Future Land Use Element (FLUE) Text Amendments

Amendment 2007-1-P-FLUE-1Kendell Keith/Chancellor Investments
(Postponed to Future Cycle)

Staff Initiated Comprehensive Policy Plan (CPP) Text Amendments

Amendment 2007-1-B-FLUE-1Orange County Planning Division
Amendment 2007-1-B-TRAN-1Orange County Transportation Planning Division
Amendment 2007-1-B-TRAN-2Orange County Transportation Planning Division

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