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August 14, 2007 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation - District 1
• Presentation of Florida Association of Counties President's Scholarship
Award to Cassandra Ghan Muggins





1. Selection of one firm and an alternate to provide Graphic Art Services for the Orange County Convention Center, Request for Proposals Y7-1063-PD, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically:
• Corporate Design Associates
• Kim Parrish Creative Services
([Convention Center Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 199-201


2. Selection of one firm and an alternate to provide EMS Data Collection and Reporting System, Request for Proposals Y7-612-NW, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically:
• Documed Systems International, Inc.
• Emergency Technologies, Inc.
([Fire Rescue Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 202-206


1. Approval and execution by the Mayor of Lease Agreement and delegation of authority to the Real Estate Management Division to execute Certificate of Commencement of Lease and exercise renewal options, if needed, between Orange County and Back To Nature Wildlife, Inc. District 4. (Environmental Protection Division) Page 207-219

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Bryan R. Holt (20), In-Custody Security, Corrections; Loretta Gean Olin (20), Department Office, Gary W. Boldrey (20), and Mark D. Harley (20), Operations, Fire Rescue; Valerie Denise Curgil (30), Community Action, Health and Family Services; John W. Parker (35), and Lawrence Christopher Simoneaux (20), Roads and Drainage, Public Works.

• Presentation of NACo/NACIO Awards


July 20, 2007 Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations


A. Petition to Vacate

1. Applicant: Orange County Public Works Department; ADM No. 07-01,
unnamed right-of-way; District 2

2. Applicant: Don Freeberg for Sierra International Drive, LLC; No. 06-22,
unnamed right-of-way; District 1; continued from July 10, 2007

3. Applicant: Christos Anthony, No. 07-06, rights-of-way; District 1

B. Ordinance

4. Amending Orange County Code, Section 38-53, affecting the use of land, pertaining to restoration of nonconforming buildings, structures, signs, and  billboards

C. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

5. Chaine-Du-Lac II The Gardens at Village of Windermere Preliminary
Subdivision, District 1

6. Little Lake Sawyer Planned Development-Little Lake Sawyer Preliminary Subdivision, District 1


7. Sherwood Park Unit One Preliminary Subdivision, District 3

D. Development Review Committee Decision Appeal

8. Appellant: George Kalivretenos Applicant: Richard J. Reade, Savona Preliminary Subdivision, District 1

E. Board of Zoning Adjustment Board-Called

9. Applicant: Sender Hawkins; Case SE-07-07-013, July 5, 2007; District 6

F. Compliance Agreement

10. Between Orange County and the State of Florida Department of
Community Affairs in the case: State of Florida Department of Community Affairs vs. Bargrove, LLP, and Orange County, Florida; District 2

G. Planning and Zoning Commission Appeal

11. Appellants/Applicants: Jorge R. Gonzalez and Miriam Cams; Case RZ-07- 05-038, June 21, 2007; District 6

H. Conservation Area Impact

12. Applicant: Bill Heard Chevrolet, Class II Wetlands Permit, District 5

I. Shoreline Alteration/Dredge Fill

13. Applicants: John and Linda Allen, Lake Irma, permit, District 5

14. Applicant: Ana Teresa Agosto, Venetian Canal/Lake Conway, after-thefact permit, District 4


15. Applicants: Dallas and Lori Armstrong, Venetian Canal/Lake Conway,
after-the-fact permit, District 4

I. Shoreline Alteration/Dredge Fill (Continued)


16. Applicants: Mark and Theresa Dew, Venetian Canal/Lake Conway, afterthe- fact permit, District 4


17. Applicants: Patrick and Rebecca Scott, Venetian Canal/Lake Conway,
after-the-fact permit, District 4


18. Applicants: Manuel and Tracy Umpierre, Venetian Canal/Lake Conway, after-the-fact permit, District 4


19. Applicants: Stan and Natalie Woods, Venetian Canal/Lake Conway, after the-fact permit, District 4

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