Wraparound Orange

Governance structure and committees

Central Receiving Center Governing Board

Central Receiving Center Governing Board (CRC) provides support to the entire project in both advocacy and development of collaborations. It is responsible for working together to resolve community issues for children and families under a system of care framework.

Cultural & Linguistic Competence Committee

The Cultural and Linguistic Competence Committee's duties include ensuring diversity in staff that reflects the diversity of the population of individuals receiving services and that services are provided in a manner that supports and respects the families’ primary language, with use of proper interpretation and translation.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is an advisory board that provides oversight to the implementation of the five research studies required by the Federal government under the grant. This group provides feedback on the collection and sharing of data, gives input into ideas around the local evaluation and provides opportunities for youth and families to be involved in activities.

Family & Youth Voice Committee

The Family and Youth Voice Committee provides the platform for youth and their families to give input and feedback on all components of the project. The committee organizes events that are youth and family-focused and are responsible for building a local chapter of the Federation of Families.

Implementation Team

The Implementation Team consists of all chairs and co-chairs of the other committees, all contracted grant staff and a representative from each agency providing wraparound services. The group is directly under the structure of the Management Team. Their primary goal is to collate and synthesize all committee information and assure that each objective is represented in the comprehensive strategic plan.

Management Team

The Management Team is charged with developing, implementing and overseeing a comprehensive system of care initiative for children experiencing one or more emotional and/or behavioral issues and their families. The Team is also responsible for the establishment and implementation of system of care goals, policies, fiscal accountability, community and corporate buy-in and other directives.

Social Marketing Committee

The Social Marketing Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a strong Public health/awareness framework for children’s mental health, that’s grounded in the Wraparound model, values, vision and principles. The committee will work with other committees, community agencies, health officials, citizens and corporations to successfully establish and communicate this new SOC model in order to inform, educate and generate positive community buy-in and change societal behaviors/perception.

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