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Job Creation Initiative

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Property Tax Exemption for Economic Development

Orange County voters approved a countywide job-creation-tax abatement referendum by 61.80% on January 31, 2012.

This economic development tool gives the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) the ability to approve property tax exemptions to qualified new and existing businesses that are expanding in Orange County for the purpose of creating new jobs.   

The program authorizes the County to grant qualifying businesses a temporary County property tax exemption of up to 100% on new capital improvement and/or equipment purchases for up to 10 years. This incentive will have no impact on what the company is currently paying in County taxes on existing land, buildings, infrastructure and equipment.

The Targeted Industries

Targeted industries include biomedical and life sciences, aviation and aerospace, homeland security and defense, logistics, financial and professional services, Cleantech, Infotech, and other emerging business sectors. Other industries may qualify if located in designated economic development areas.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Net number of new jobs
  • Average wage of new jobs
  • Capital investment to be made by applicant
  • Must be a targeted industry or business
  • Environmental impact
  • Economic related characteristics deemed necessary by county

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Office of Economic Development
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